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WE + EE AAR against Ajarnlance as CP

Posted: Sat Nov 08, 2014 2:14 am
by Jinx

Greetings Gentlemen!
This is a (possibly) shared AAR built from the Western Entente perspective against our human opponent Ajarnlance. If you see him around here, boot him the hell off. :-P

Gentlemen, here we have turn 2. Unfortunately we didn't start this AAR until now, at the time I deemed it wasn't necessary and slightly frivolous. I have come to the conclusion: that I'm okay with it. :-) Also it is a good way to keep in touch with my ally of the Eastern Entente! It is a shame we hadn't started this with turn 1, but here we are, with turn 2.
Just a rapid update,
The Germans and Austrians enacted Historical Warplans.
I as the French, enacted Plan XIX, the Luxembourg Plan, because I anticipated either a Moltke, in which case I would widen the front nearly immediately. Or the Schlieffen, whereby I could flank the German advances into Belgium.
The Eastern Entente enacted, the Czar Battleplan? Focusing primarily on Austria to "Bleed them white".
The first land battle waged in the war against the Hun; was the battle of Luxembourg. The Plan from Turn 1 was to cut the German advance by a quick march into Luxembourg. The French Army led by Général Castelnau marched into Luxembourg, although the attack was intended to be supported by two French Corp by synchronized march, they failed to arrive in time for the battle. This battle still resulting in a victory, but with higher losses then was necessary.


The Belgian Corp led by Koning Albert I was attacked in Bruxelles before they could withdraw to better positions. This resulted in a favorable battle, considering we where outnumbered and severely outgunned by the German Army, led by a superior general.


This leaves us with the Belgian situation as such. With a Belgian Corps withdrawn into the Forts of Namur, and two Belgian Corps locked in the forts of Liege and Amsterdam.

The British have landed, I have ditched their rubbish commanders and under Commander Allanby have planned a lightning move to target the German Corps as they most probably march into Mons, Douai and south.

The French armies, from west to east, hasten North to secure defensible territory to narrow the Germans rail network in their rear.
The riskiest venture we have, is of a French Corp under command of Commander Foch currently in Luxembourg making a lighting dash North to Malmedy, to cut off rail lines from German core territories.

Here is our intended Battleplan for Belgium, going from Optimal; Green, to to Drastic, Red. As one can see. There is a slight chance of trapping the German forces in Belgium, although unlikely. Although I expect it will be unlikely, at the very least, it may serve to distract and slow the German advance sufficiently for me to acquire defensible territory before we are bogged down in the trenches.


On this note, if any of you gentlemen have any advice as to proper software for making nicer battleplans (such as curving arrows, hashy border lines), please let me know.

In other battles, I sunk two German light cruisers, the Dresden and the Karlsruhe, in the Atlantic, I missed the Breslau and the Goeben in the West Mediterranean.

On the Entente Diplomatic Front. We are attempting to influence Bulgaria, Romania, Holland, Portugal, and as a Major Power, the Italians. With Japan probably joining us the next turn with 100% Entente.
On the Central Powers Diplomatic Front. They are attempting to influence Bulgaria, Romania, and as a Major Power, the Ottomans. I have no clue why the other minor diplomats are not in evidence. The Ottomans are at 92% Central Powers.

On the Economic Front. Although this may cause heart attacks among some, I am not printing state funds. I want to see if it is possible to play the game without printing money.

As reinforcements, we are in the process of building as much artillery and our best quality French troops as we can. The British will land a small Corp of mostly militia troops in Amsterdam to be a thorn in the side of the Germans, and all through their colonies, Commonwealth troops will be unlocking next turn, and boarding onto transports ready and waiting for them.

I believe that that is all for this turn. Our opponent, Ajarnlance, is currently on holiday in exotic Bahrain, and will not send his next turn until Sunday, two days from now.

This concludes the War Report of Late August 1914.

Posted: Sat Nov 08, 2014 3:11 am
by Jinx

Posted: Sat Nov 08, 2014 7:30 am
by Jinx

Posted: Mon Nov 10, 2014 4:11 am
by BBBD316
Nice to see another AAR Jinx, I have started an PBEM with Lance and he is a cunning player and really seems to get into the depth of the game.

Who is the EE player?

Posted: Wed Nov 12, 2014 3:47 am
by Jinx
BBBD316 wrote:Nice to see another AAR Jinx, I have started an PBEM with Lance and he is a cunning player and really seems to get into the depth of the game.

Who is the EE player?

That would be his CWII game?
He is indeed. I must confess I've never played the WE before, but even if I had I still believe Lance would be the better player. :-)
Darrel is the EE player, or db, as he goes by on this site.

Posted: Wed Nov 12, 2014 4:59 am
by Jinx
Early September, 1914.

We are about to engage in a battle on which the fate of our country depends...the moment has passed for looking at the rear...Troops that can advance no farther must, at any price, hold the ground they have conquered and die on the spot rather than give way.

General Joseph Joffre, Order of the Day, 5 September 191


Good day Gentlemen.

I'm afraid things look a little grim at the moment.
General Castelnau did not obey orders, and remained on defensive footing and therefore did not gain any military control in the province of Luxembourg. Sacrificing time better spent elsewhere fiddling around, draining resources, and allowing vital German supplies to slip through his lines.
This is of course, partially due to his activation being set to hidden, keeping me in the dark, and also through plain luck.
I must keep the Duexieme Armee, General Castelnau's Armee, in supply, so I am stripping most of my Supply Trains from the Moselle River Battlelines and sending them North to resupply his troops. Eventually he will be activated and start taking over Luxembourg from the Hun.

The first British engagement at Mons was beaten back. Commander Allenby lost some Seniority. It allowed the enemy to progress to Douai, threatening to cut a knife straight through French heartland and down the major rail to Paris.
It wasn't a terrible battle though, The German Troops, although outnumbering the British 2.5 to 1, suffered higher casualties. All in all, Allenby's Corp did amazingly well.


Commander Foch is stranded. An utter blunder on my part. Of course my plan to send him North seems absurd in hindsight.
My intention was to cut off supplies to the Kaisers troops in Belgium, supporting myself there by rotation of supply cart until we could starve the Germans out. Of course. Idiotic. I really haven't played as the Western Entente before this game, and I don't realize how the tactic for the Western Powers should probably be almost purely defensive, at least initially.
Commander Foch's position is untenable, and therefore, he must retreat.


Now I am taking a gamble, I believe the last before I settle down for drawing my battle lines along the ORANGE line. That will be, the attack on Brussels. The combined armies of the British from Amsterdam, and the French Quatrieme Armee, will attempt the final breakthrough into Brussels. This position would not only remove the only depot in German control in Belgium, but would also cut their invasion force in half. I predict the battle may result in a defeat. But if it succeeds the rewards will be great, if it fails...., then we must give up on Belgium. If we give up on Belgium, we fall back to positions behind the Orange Battle line, Behind the Somme and the Sambre Rivers, and the Ardennes.


On the Diplomatic Front:
Japan has joined the war, it will be a valued, yet a little limited, ally in the war against the Central Powers. I wonder if this latest patched game allows the Japanese troops to land in Europe, I might have to test that.
Romania is very pro-centrals at the moment, it doesn't help that I have blockaded the Centrals in both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. Influencing some of the minor powers to side slightly with the Centrals. Hopefully we can turn that around shortly.
For reinforcements I purchased mostly troops and the rest of the French Field artillery. I may have to get some Fighter Planes soon, this constant replacing of Recon Planes can be draining, maybe I can force the Germans to be drained instead.
British transport fleets have been sent to every colony, to be ready to pick up the commonwealth troops as soon as they are mobilized.

This concludes the Battle Report. Early September, 2014.

Posted: Thu Nov 13, 2014 11:57 pm
by Jinx
My apologies to anyone who is following. Apparently our Eastern Entente player has disappeared.
Our options are to either; find another player to step in, or find a third and start a new game!

Posted: Fri Nov 14, 2014 2:19 am
by BBBD316
Jinx I would offer to step in but I would probably be cut up quite easily and I am struggling to keep up with my current PBEMs.

Try asking on the Paradox board there is quite a community looking for games at the moment.

Posted: Fri Nov 14, 2014 2:25 am
by Projekt Pasha
Ajarnlance has asked me to step in. I told him I would consider it based on Russia's current situation and to send me the save file :)

Posted: Sun Nov 16, 2014 1:26 am
by Jinx
Hey All!

Thanks for the suggestions to step in. Sorry I haven't got back sooner. For some reason my email rerouted the notification emails to the trash...

Our Eastern Entente player did reappear. He had his wisdom teeth pulled and was pretty well out of it for a few days after. But he made it back bleary eyed and wobbly.

But sadly in other news, the game is now scratched. Stupid thing.

Not sure exactly what was going on, but basically it boils down to a missing/damaged HST file due to midgame updating the new host (not me), processing a new turn, realizing my troops hadn't moved at all (not sure why), trying to restore the old turn (in the previous version) which didn't work due to the new version. So its a mess. I think there may have been a way, by digging around, re-downloading and re-installing certain files etc. etc. etc. But we decided against it. Neither of us are very tech savy (our EE player may be, he doesn't say too much), and honestly, we are barely started into the game as it is.

Also, as much as I will protest my innocence and sportsmanship, Commander Foch's quick foray intended to quickly distract the Kaiser, was turning into Custer's Last Stand, quote my opponent, the Battle of the Bulge in reverse. :-P Therefore, I am not overly upset or even terribly anxious to start parsing through files to try to piece together a game. If we where even ten turns in I think it would be worth it, but five..., I'm going to chalk this one up as experience.

Either ways. Time to start looking for a new game.

I wonder, should I re-thread my next one, or should I continue.

Posted: Sun Nov 16, 2014 1:42 am
by Jinx
Projekt Pasha wrote:Ajarnlance has asked me to step in. I told him I would consider it based on Russia's current situation and to send me the save file :)

We would have been honored to have the Great Projekt, Victor of Xanthi, to play a game with us.

Haha! I think I would have enjoyed the challenge of out AAR'ing the most interesting AAR'er I happen to read. :-P I'm serious, it would have been jolly good fun. Look me up if you ever do another big PBEM (MMPBEM-TEAW). I promise it would be quite an active AAR. :-)


Posted: Sun Nov 16, 2014 3:17 am
by Projekt Pasha
Jinx wrote:We would have been honored to have the Great Projekt, Victor of Xanthi, to play a game with us.

Haha! I think I would have enjoyed the challenge of out AAR'ing the most interesting AAR'er I happen to read. :-P I'm serious, it would have been jolly good fun. Look me up if you ever do another big PBEM (MMPBEM-TEAW). I promise it would be quite an active AAR. :-)


Sorry I couldn't pick up this one, while I regret being unable to if you two are going to start a new game I'd be more than happy to join in as the EE.