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And Again - Vicberg Vs. Tyler #3 - No Tyler Please

Posted: Sat Jun 04, 2016 2:26 pm
by vicberg
We are in early September 1862

To bring you up to date


What I do in the east is usually build a couple of iron works, print money and take some inflation and get more numbers against the Rebels. The sweep around Shenandoah usually is enough to push the Rebels out of Manassas and Culpepper. Tyler has developed a strategy to counter this. Note the numbers he has in Manassas, Culpepper and Nelson. Almost 9000 CBT. I have 10,000 CBT in the area, not including 2500 more in Kearny Corp doing the right hook, but his positioning is forcing me to defend Washington, well Alexandria to be exact, so I can't push around as many troops as I like. His position also gives him interior lines so he can quickly shift his forces.


The key to taking Manassas is Nelson. From there, I can cut rails in Albemarle and that removes supply into Manassas and the Rebels have to retreat. Realizing this, Tyler sent Lee to deal with Kearny and won a victory, though he took twice as many losses. I was expecting something, so Kearny was prepared to retreat.


Posted: Sat Jun 04, 2016 2:49 pm
by vicberg

In the West, I usually send one force down to Bowling Green, another under Grant goes into Paduch down into Humbolt. From Humbolt and Bowling Green, pushes into Fort Donelson. This time I did something a bit different. Grant invaded Memphis and from Memphis, invaded Vicksburg leaving Pope to defend Memphis. A.Johnston counterattacked Memphis and forced Pope to retreat.

Whipple took Bowling Green (took him a while). He has 2 divisions under his command. Buell is a corp leader to Grant with 2 divisions under his command and took Clarksville and Fort Donelson. There's 2 more divisions under Halleck training up their militia/conscripts in Louisville. The Rebel force in Nashville is approx. 3-4 divisions. Whipple will hold at Bowling Green. I'm not too worried about a counter attack at Bowling Green as the Nashville force has to worry about it's left flank.


With so many Rebel forces in the East, Tyler is forced to stack up in the West. After retreating from Memphis, Pope with 4 divisions and Rosencrans with 2 divisions have clear sailing.


The reason why they have clear sailing is because of Vicksburg. After taking it, Grant pushed east to Jackson, cutting the only rail line into New Orleans. From Jackson, he split his forces, sending Sherman south towards New Orleans and pushing north into Carrolton. Johnstons Army outnumbers Grants by 2-1. But I'll give ground and form up 4 corp around Jackson.


And when I can't push well in one spot, hit them where they ain't in another. Having been stymied in the East, I took a corp under Crittenden and invaded New Orleans one turn after Grant took Vicksburg. Crittenden has been floundering around for a while, but is about to take New Orleans and the CSA will full cut in half.


Posted: Sat Jun 04, 2016 9:26 pm
by vicberg
Late September, 1862


Tyler has done a very good job keep my forces at bay, but there's always room. I was tempted to retreat Kearny after his loss to Lee, but decided to keep him there just in case Lee went back to Manassas. Lee didn't move, neither did Kearny. I'm expecting Lee to attack again and I'll probably lose, but that's fine as Kearny is tying up Lee's forces.


With Tylers forces deployed, it's a small ball game of stretching him. Berry and Wallace push into Stafford last turn. With Lee focused on Kearny, Berry crossed the Potomac and wins a small victory against Stonewall. I can still play this game of stretching or at this point, it's possible to make a push on Manassas with McDowell. I'm thinking about it. Level 5 trenches aren't fun and I'm just shy of 2-1 there. Stonewalls forces are a bit dinged from his battle with Berry. I tend to avoid these types of huge attacks because they have such a large affect on NM. My NM is 102 right now, which is very good for this time of year. I like to see the Rebels attacking my trenches and I try to do that by maneuvering into positions where he's tempted or forced to attack.



Memphis is back in Union hands. Though it's tempting to take Madison, Rosencrans and Pope will push south and tighten the net on Johnston. Lyons pushed through an undefended MO river transported over from Ozark into Vicksburg. He'll join Grant in Jackson and await Johnston's attack. At this point, either Tyler has to start defending a huge swath of land between Memphis/Vicksburg or attack Grant and hopefully smash Grant's army and then turn north. This is how I get the Rebels to attack my entrenchments.


New Orleans

Supply is getting critical for Crittenden. I have a supply fleet steaming down the Mississippi. Tyler has his ironclads just south of New Orleans and Foote will be enganging him. 2 more divisions are in route to Vicksburg. I have to get MC over Pearl, LA in order to open up supply to Crittenden.


Posted: Sun Jun 05, 2016 12:35 am
by Cardinal Ape
Thanks for sharing.

Are you playing with the base game or with your mod?

Posted: Sun Jun 05, 2016 1:30 am
by vicberg
This one is mod which removes the elite status from the union freebies and add -100 VP for failed calls for offensives. I haven't done anything else with it.

Posted: Mon Jun 06, 2016 12:56 pm
by vicberg
Early October, 1862

Johnston is trying to destroy Grant. Grant retreated from Jackson.


Posted: Mon Jun 06, 2016 1:04 pm
by vicberg
Late October, 1862

Small stretching works. McDowell and Keys pushed into Manassas. Lewis's Corp supported. In order to maximize the chance for victory in Manassas, I pulled Berry's Corp back from Fredericksburg into Stafford and that was a lucky move as Lee left Kearny alone and rush into Fredericksburg.


And the resulting Union victory.


And Polk'force attempted to follow up on Johnston's victory with heavy losses. New Orleans surrendered. That will free up Crittenden's corp for offensive operations. I'm going to leave a division in New Orleans for defense.


Posted: Mon Jun 06, 2016 1:30 pm
by vicberg
At this point, I'm expecting Lee to come back to Nelson and boot Kearny out. So I'm either going to take the hits and force Lee to attack my entrenchments or I may pull off. With Jackson and Longstreet nearby, Kearny won't stand much of a chance.

These 3 regions are the key to the defense of Virginia in my opinion. They are mutually supportive (from Culpeper). Protected by the Potomac. Very difficult and break this. So my 5 corp here will have to hold up. But it can still be stretched. With the fall of New Orleans, the blockade is now up to 50%. I have 2 divisions forming up in New York and the cadre for a 3rd. These will invade either Savannah or Norfolk. Norfolk is fairly close the action and will open opportunities to break the Virginia defense. Savannah isn't, but adds to the blockade.