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Not god, nor tsar, nor hero...

Posted: Sun Sep 25, 2016 12:20 am
by Ripster8


Stand up, ones who are branded by the curse,
All the world's starving and enslaved!
Our outraged minds are boiling,
Ready to lead us into a deadly fight.
We will destroy this world of violence
Down to the foundations, and then
We will build our new world.
He who was nothing will become everything!


This is our final
and decisive battle;
With the Internationale
humanity will rise up!

No one will grant us deliverance,
Not god, nor tsar, nor hero.
We will win our liberation,
With our very own hands.
To throw down oppression with a skilled hand,
To take back what is ours —
Fire up the furnace and hammer boldly,
while the iron is still hot!


You've sucked enough of our blood, you vampires,
With prison, taxes and poverty!
You have all the power, all the blessings of the world,
And our rights are but an empty sound!
We'll make our own lives in a different way —
And here is our battle cry:
All the power to the people of labour!
And away with all the parasites!


Contemptible you are in your wealth,
You kings of coal and steel!
You had your thrones, parasites,
At our backs erected.
All the factories, all the chambers —
All were made by our hands.
It's time! We demand the return
Of that which was stolen from us.


Enough of the will of kings
Stupefying us into the haze of war!
War to the tyrants! Peace to the people!
Go on strike, sons of the army!
And if the tyrants tell us
To fall heroically in battle for them —
Then, murderers, we will point
The muzzles of our cannons at you!


Only we, the workers of the worldwide
Great army of labour,
Have the right to own the land,
But the parasites — never!
And if the great thunder rolls
Over the pack of dogs and executioners,
For us, the sun will forever
Shine on with its fiery beams.


Posted: Sun Sep 25, 2016 12:47 am
by Ripster8

Well, with Mrs. Ripster8 being back East visiting relatives thus giving me plenty of free time for a few weeks, I can no longer in good conscience delay my task - to bring a new AAR to these august forums! I have selected one of the finest games in the AGEOD stable, Revolution Under Siege (RUS). A few introductory remarks are in order as we begin this mighty labor.

First, I am a man of the Right and was therefore reluctant to play as the godless, murdering Reds in RUS. However, I realized I have been playing the godless, murdering Nazis for years in wargames without a problem so I might as well cross over and fight as the Reds for a change. That decision was made easier by my multiple failures while playing as either White faction in RUS - the AI crushed me like a filthy, reactionary bug! Embarrassing!

Which brings me to my second point, the AI in RUS is probably the best I have encountered in an AGEOD game. It may be due to heavy scripting coupled with my overall incompetence but I have played portions of six (yes, that's right, SIX) grand campaign games as the Reds and I have yet to achieve complete victory. Ouch! In any case I aim to try again, one more time, and this time I will win! Or be completed humiliated in the attempt...

My overall plan is to have a dialogue between Lenin (SOVNARKOM) and Trotsky (RMK) as a framework, followed by screenshot maps and battle results as needed. I anticipate that this will be roughtly four times the work of my last AAR so the pace will be a lot slower. But as before, once I start I intend to fight to the bitter end - on to the victory screen!

Thank you, kind reader, for taking the time to review my feeble efforts, and for your patience with typos, inaccuracies, errors in communist terminology and poor gameplay. Comments and suggestions are welcomed, especially those of my friend and sometime-heretic Master Random, to whom I dedicate this AAR.


'You capitalist b*stards just opened up a sled-load of industrial-strength Bolshevik whoop-*ss! Dasvidanya, BABY!'

Posted: Sun Sep 25, 2016 12:58 am
by Ripster8
Plans and Schemes: June 1918

Beset by enemies on every side (and, quite frankly, surprised to actually be in charge of a major country after decades of discussion, debate and theorizing...) the Bolsheviks are overwhelmed and unable to develop a coherent strategy as the country slides into chaos and war in the spring of 1918. The two major executive bodies of the revolution - The Council of People's Commissars (Russian abbreviation SOVNARKOM, or SNK) chaired by V.I. Lenin, and the Revolutionary Military Committee (RMC) chaired by Leon Trotsky create a Joint Planning Commission to review the situation and come up with some guidance for the upcoming struggle. After weeks of deliberation and study the committee provides the following recommendations:






Posted: Sun Sep 25, 2016 1:15 am
by Ripster8
Strategic Overview, June 1920

With the Joint Planning Committee's recommendations in hand, Lenin and Trotsky look over the map to review the current situation:

Start Map.jpg

The dotted red line marks the current front line, such as it is. Actually, there are numerous Red outposts all the way to the Pacific Ocean, but all are threatened by White forces and Green insurrectionists. In the north, the Whites hold Murmansk and may move south. In the west, the front is stabilized by the Treaty of Brest Litovsk and the German occupation of the Baltic States and the Ukraine. As it appears the Central Powers are headed to defeat this area may well be open to operations in the near future. In the south significant White forces are at Azov (south of Rostov) and are threatening the Caucasus all the way up to Tzaritsyn. In the East the Whites, including a large force of Czech troops, are positioned to capture all the territories from Vladivostock to the Volga.

Facing these threats, the Reds have large but disorganized forces at Tzartisyn, near Armavir in the Caucasus, and smaller forces are located in the East, at Moscow and Petrograd.

First priorities will be to defend Moscow and Petrograd, form a defensive line along the Volga, and stablize the southern front at Tzaritsyn. How it will all work out remains to be seen...


The lads have a lot of work ahead of them...

Tomorrow, opening moves...

Posted: Sun Sep 25, 2016 3:52 am
by Random
Greetings Comrade Narrator. I look forward to following your epic struggle against the Dark Forces of Imperialist Reaction.

I've never managed a win in RUS and find the Gold edition is particularly unforgiving.

Here's a glimpse of the future should you manage to protect the Revolution.

The USSR Explained


Posted: Sun Sep 25, 2016 2:36 pm
by Nikel
Fascinating stuff, congrats!

You also have a reader here :thumbsup:

Posted: Sun Sep 25, 2016 8:26 pm
by Ripster8
Thank you, Master Random, for sharing that interesting take on the history of the USSR. But if that is what the liberated Proletariat is doing with their time then perhaps labor camps aren't such a bad idea after all...

And welcome, Nikel, to my feeble effort. I will try to keep things moving along in the coming days.

Posted: Sun Sep 25, 2016 8:30 pm
by Ripster8
MOSCOW, Early June 1918

And so, with crates of vodka close at hand and a pot of hearty borscht on the stove, the staffs of SNK and RMC begin their labors!



Posted: Sun Sep 25, 2016 8:40 pm
by Ripster8
THE FRONTS, Early June 1918



SOVNARKOM (SNK) and RMC staffs hard at work. A small force (CP 600 or so) and several generals. KOMCOR Rahja is moved to CHEBOKSARY to replace KOMCOR Muraviev (who is a training officer we need at the capital). Two large groups of artillery (19 units each) are locked in place for 7 and 14 turns respectively.



North Front GHQ and a small force. Two more large artillery parks identical to those at MOSCOW. A quiet area, for now, although some Red Guards are raised in outlying areas.



South Front GHQ and the 10th RED ARMY (CP 250). White Cossacks are across the DON RIVER already and threaten communications with MOSCOW.



North-Caucasus GHQ and the unruly KOMANDARM Sorokin. The area is full of scattered Red Forces, locked in place, and is directly threatened by a large concentration of Whites at AZOV.



East Front GHQ and the precious GOLD TRAIN. KOMKOR Berzin is moving west from EKATERINBURG to protect the GOLD TRAIN, and additional Red Guards are being raised to delay the advance of the perfidious Whites.

All in all, a very sloppy situation that promises to get much sloppier in the days ahead!

Posted: Sun Sep 25, 2016 8:43 pm
by Ripster8
Game Settings

I neglected to post these earlier. All commanders are activated, Standard Attrition, Historical Pool of Units and Historical Stats for generals. The AI is at 'Sergeant' level, 'Normal' aggression, and is given more time and a low detection bonus.

Posted: Sun Sep 25, 2016 10:27 pm
by Ripster8
MOSCOW, Late June 1918

RMC LJune18.jpg

SNK Response
SNK LJune18.jpg

SNK Decisions
LEFTSR Alliance.jpg

Let's try a kindler, gentler revolution, comrades...

Call the Workers.jpg

Vital to maintain the flow of VOKhR and POLITKOM units.


The VOKhr - let's get motivated, comrades!


Got to have POLTIKOM, too. Follow instructions and read your 'Communist Manifesto', lads!


No rifles, no bullets, no revolution!

Posted: Sun Sep 25, 2016 10:28 pm
by Nikel
Ripster8 wrote:
And welcome, Nikel, to my feeble effort. I will try to keep things moving along in the coming days.

Feeble?! More people like you are desesperately needed in the forum ;)

A pair of historical comments if you allow me, just checked a recently released book by Smele and the Revolutionary-Military Council abbreviation in russian is RVSR if you want to use it instead of RMC, and was created in september 1918, so I guess this is an error in the game (june 1918 right now).

Posted: Sun Sep 25, 2016 10:34 pm
by Ripster8
THE FRONTS, Late June 1918

RMC, Moscow:

Training units to regular status increases their effectiveness by 20-40%. Avoid sending conscripts into battle if at all possible!

NFGHQ, Petrograd: Nothing significant to report

SFGHQ, Tzartisyn:

Defeat, Stalin arrives, confusion reigns.

NCFGHQ, Armavir:

Defeat, retreat and reorganize.

EFGHQ, Kazan: Siberia and the Far East are slipping away. Gold Train still immobile, and unprotected.

Focused on fielding VOKhr and POLITKOM for SFGHQ and NCFGHQ, as well as industrialization at MOSCOW and PETROGRAD.

Posted: Mon Sep 26, 2016 1:18 am
by Ripster8
Nikel, thank you for reading and for your historical commentary. I suppose it was silly to use a Russian abbreviation for one committee (SOVNARKOM/SNK) and an English acronym for the other committee (RMC). But since I have already started and made the graphic templates using those titles I will perist in my error. I hope you will indulge me!

Posted: Mon Sep 26, 2016 1:23 am
by Ripster8
MOSCOW, Early July 1918

RMC EJuly18.jpg

SNK EJuly18.jpg

SNK Decisions:
Cossack Decision.jpg

Will hopefully lessen tensions with the Cossacks and may produce Red military units.

Posted: Mon Sep 26, 2016 1:29 am
by Ripster8
THE FRONTS, Early July 1918

RMC, Moscow

Tukhachevsky is one of the few good Red generals. He will be in the forefront of the struggle to protect the revolution!

NFGHQ, Petrograd: Nothing significant to report.

SFGHQ, Tzaritsyn

Mass confusion and units locked in place!

NCFGHQ, Armavir

Struggling to regroup and reorganize, and almost cut-off by the Whites.

EFGHQ, Kazan

A very active front: Syrzan lost to the Whites, Red forces gathering to retake Penza, Volga Line shaping up, Gold Train still stuck.

Posted: Mon Sep 26, 2016 2:46 am
by Ripster8
MOSCOW, Late July 1918

RMC LJuly18.jpg

SNK LJuly18.jpg

SNK Decisions:

So much for a kinder, gentler revolution...

Additionally, SNK calls up more workers to the army in order to secure additional VOKhR and POLITKOM units.

Posted: Mon Sep 26, 2016 2:54 am
by Ripster8
THE FRONTS, Late July 1918

RMC, Moscow: The first VOKhR and POLITKOM units are reaching Red forces in the field. This will significantly improve morale, discipline and responsiveness of our forces.

NFGHQ, Petrograd: Nothing significant to report.

SFGHQ, Tzaritsyn:
cossack unit.jpg

Two cossack units join Red forces as a result of Cossack-friendly SNK policies.

NCFGHQ, Armavir:
NCFGHQ LJuly18.jpg

Confusion reigns and the Whites are pressing their advantage.

EFGHQ, Kazan:
Saratov battle.jpg

Czech units are repulsed at Saratov but remain a threat.

Posted: Mon Sep 26, 2016 3:46 am
by Ripster8
MOSCOW, Early August 1918

RMC EAug18.jpg

SNK EAug18.jpg

SNK Decisions: Additional workers are called to the army to increase the supply of VOKhR and POLITKOM units.

Posted: Mon Sep 26, 2016 3:50 am
by Ripster8
THE FRONTS, Early August 1918

RMC, Moscow: Nothing significant to report.

NFGHQ, Petrograd:

A threat to PETROGRAD materializes.

SFGHQ, Tzaritsyn: No change - confusion, units locked in place, no imminent White threat.

NCFGHQ, Armavir: No change - confusion, units locked in place, Whites are threatening to overrun the Caucasus.

EFGHQ, Kazan: No change. Attacks to defend SARATOV and to retake PENZA are imminent. Gold Train still immobilized.

Posted: Mon Sep 26, 2016 4:45 am
by Ripster8
MOSCOW, Late August 1918

RMC LAug18.jpg

SNK LAug1918.jpg

SNK Decisions:
Raise Money.jpg

No Gold Train means requisitions, inflation and an unhappy proletariat!

Posted: Mon Sep 26, 2016 4:51 am
by Ripster8
THE FRONTS, Late August 1918

RMC, Moscow: Nothing significant to report.

NFGHQ, Petrograd: Red Guards are raised in regional towns in an effort to delay White/Green advances.

SFGHQ, Tzaritsyn:
SFGHQ LAug18.jpg

Over 1500 points in combat power is immobilized at TZARTISYN due to Stalin's incompetence! And now the city is threatened with encirclement. Oh, to have an option to put a bullet in that man's twisted brain!

NCFGHQ, Armavir:
NCFGHQ LAug18.jpg

1300 points of combat power is ordered northwards to relieve TZARTISYN. Sorokin isn't using these lads anyway...

EFGHQ, Kazan:
EFGHQ LAug18.jpg

Kamenev drives the Czechs back across the VOLGA and saves SARATOV!

Posted: Mon Sep 26, 2016 12:20 pm
by andatiep
Great ! Great ! Great :w00t: !

I wish so much to have played the Whites in a PBEM with such a beautiful and well roleplayed AAR !!!

I hope the AI will give you a challenge enough, although i doubt it can handle well strategical alternative history options like "Unify the Whites' factions". But there is anyway much to do with the "classic historical" options.

Very nice initiative and courage to keep the story to the end you wish it to be !

I'll read it with pleasure and fun.

Posted: Mon Sep 26, 2016 2:53 pm
by Ripster8
Thank you, andateip, for reading and commenting on this AAR. I have yet to beat the White AI (after five games!) but I have high hopes for this particular conflict. The enemies of the people will be crushed and the dictatorship of the proletariat will rise from the ashes of reactionary oppression and lead humanity into a golden future of freedom and prosperity...or something like that...

Posted: Mon Sep 26, 2016 3:01 pm
by Ripster8
Well, I woke up this morning with that silly 'Tetris' song in my head (thanks for that, Master Random...) so it must be the Spirit of the Revolution making clear that 'The Complete History Of The Soviet Union, Arranged To The Melody Of Tetris' by 'Pig With The Face of a Boy' is the official anthem of this AAR. Onward, comrades! We have far to go and Mrs. Ripster8 will return eventually...


Sometimes it is not worth it to ask how or why, you just have to go with the flow and be amazed...

Posted: Mon Sep 26, 2016 3:04 pm
by Ripster8
MOSCOW, Early September 1918

RMC ESep18.jpg

SNK ESep18.jpg

Posted: Mon Sep 26, 2016 3:10 pm
by Ripster8
THE FRONTS, Early September 1918

RMC, Moscow: Nothing significant to report.

NFGHQ, Petrograd: Nothing significant to report.

SFGHQ, Tzartisyn:
SF ESep18.jpg

NCFGHQ, Armavir:
NCF ESep18.jpg

Forces escaping from the Caucasus, headed to Tzartisyn.

EFGHQ, Kazan:
EF ESep18.jpg

Kamenev captures Penza and is headed for Syrzan!

Posted: Mon Sep 26, 2016 3:14 pm
by Ripster8
MOSCOW, Late September 1918

RMC LSep18.jpg

SNK LSep18.jpg

SNK Decisions:
New Factory.jpg

The workers respond to the soldiers desperate call for more weapons - factories open at Moscow and Petrograd!

Weary Lenin.jpg

But a weary Lenin needs a break...a quiet walk as the autumn leaves begin to fall...

Posted: Mon Sep 26, 2016 3:25 pm
by Ripster8
THE FRONTS, Late September 1918

RMC, Moscow:
Artillery Reserve.jpg

The first artillery reserve forces are ready for deployment and will be heading east as soon as the trains are loaded!

NFGHQ, Petrograd: Nothing significant to report.

SFGHQ, Tzartisyn: Nothing significant to report.

NCFGHQ, Armavir:
NCF LSep18.jpg

Forces should reach Tzartisyn this week. Let the Whites have the Caucasus. Avenging Red Armies will soon return with fire and sword!

EFGHQ, Kazan:
EF LSep18.jpg

Syrzan is captured! The Volga Line is secure!

Entry into Syrzan.jpg

Kamenev's victorious troops entering Syrzan.

Posted: Mon Sep 26, 2016 4:32 pm
by Ripster8
MOSCOW, Early October 1918

RMC Memo EOct18.jpg

Gold Train.jpg

Trotsky hard at work.jpg

Comrade Commissar Trotsky doing double duty in Lenin's absence.