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a Ukraine scenario seems wanted

Posted: Tue Jul 21, 2015 12:21 am
. At least since 20 years ago I think about an 1917-1921 Ukraine Civil War game.
This was about the same wish which is leading now to Tatchanka!:
(I'm in no way involved in this)
The dev' says it is not the game he wanted to do at first.
He wanted to do like I imagined too: a very political game using the more the factions, not only military.
However, it will be an interesting wargame.

. The No-Brest-Litovsk option may be more fitting in ToEndAllWars,
but an Ukranian scenario should be better in RUS.
However the scale of the maps may be not good, with too big regions,
and that's what could prevent from being interesting.

. Some, more than 5 years ago, wait for a game where they could play the makhnovists,
independantly of the Reds. The scenario seems being a seller.

. Adding to RUS, it could be a game for 4 players (like in Tatchanka!):
Petliourists, Bolsheviks, Makhnovists, South-Whites.