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Manstein (USA) vs Johnnycai (CSA) 1862

Posted: Sun Jan 09, 2011 9:31 pm
by Daxil
Turn 19 Ord (Early January) – John has once again chosen not to call for volunteers or mobilize. This has left him drastically short of man power. He has finally chosen to place an embargo on cotton and is printing paper money, which affects inflation and national morale. He clearly has the point differential in mind. His production emphasis is on infrastructure and artillery.

Manstein is also printing paper money and raising exceptional taxes. His recruitment is heavy as he continues to attempt to replace his losses at New Orleans. He is especially focused on militia recruitment.

In the East the Northeastern Virginia Army HQ under McClellan is heading back to Washington, DC from Fairfax in apparent anticipation of the completion of two army HQ within 19 days. Franklin Buchanon has recovered from his wounds and is being dispatched to the West to take command of the Confederate Mississippi Fleet. EK Smith is resting and building fortifications in James City as the siege of Ft Monroe is officially over.

In the West Manstein is starting to build up new divisions at Cincinnati Ohio as George H. Thomas, a fine Union general, arrives to take charge. At the mouth of the Mississippi the indefatigable Hooker is attacking Ft Jackson while Farragut’s Fleet falls back to Fort Saint Phillip. In response John is sailing the newly laid down CSS Tennessee out into the lower Mississippi.


Some of the fruits of victory for John at New Orleans include some experienced soldiers!

Posted: Sun Jan 23, 2011 3:48 am
by Daxil
Turn 19 results- in what is largely a quiet build turn, both sides have printed paper money. Manstein has promoted George Thomas to the rank of general at Cincinnati. John’s embargo on cotton has displeased the British (-19 FI).

Edwin Stanton has replaced the corrupt Simon Cameron as United States Secretary Of War (+ 5 WS & +20 thereafter).

In the West Manstein has built a depot at Island Number 10.

At New Orleans, Hookers force has been bombarded for 50 points while en route to Ft Jackson.


The fortress fell but not without heavy Union casualties.

John’s merchant raiders have sunk 16 money and two war supply. His blockade runners return three money and five war supply. Manstein’s merchant fleet returns 19 money and three war supply.


Posted: Thu Feb 03, 2011 2:19 am
by Daxil
Turn 20 ord- In what is largely another quiet turn both sides are printing paper money and Johnycai has bit the bullet and recruited new troops.


Johnycai continues to reinforce the region around New Orleans with gunneries including Berwick on Lafayette Sound and West Baton Rouge. Manstein is consolidating his strength at Ft Jackson in the New Orleans area as Farragut arrives from Fort Saint Phillip with the remnants of the invasion force.

Third US Cav is recuperating at Forts Henry and Donelson. Approximately 450 Federal troops are moving on unoccupied Carthage Tennessee, adjacent to Nashville.

A large number of fresh Federal conscripts are also arriving at Washington, DC from New York and Pennsylvania.

Posted: Mon Feb 07, 2011 9:25 pm
by Daxil
Turn 20 Results- Napoleon the Third has intervened in Mexico (-10 foreign intervention, French army lands in Veracruz, +3 U.S. morale).


Nathaniel Forrest joins the Confederacy, William Sherman joins United States.

Adding injury to insult, Manstein’s Fifth and Eighth Divisions at Ft Jackson have been stricken by epidemic! These were the very divisions that were nearly destroyed at New Orleans.

There was an engagement in the Gulf. Manstein’s Fifth Fleet found the Lewis Cass Squadron and inflicted five hits vs. one. John’s blockade runners return one money and nine war supply.


Posted: Sun Feb 13, 2011 7:49 pm
by Daxil
Turn 21 Planning Stage (Early Feb 62) – Johnnycai is recruiting artillery heavily for the West. He is strengthening many of his coastal regions in Texas and Louisiana. He’s also reinforcing strategic points like Corinth Mississippi and Knoxville Tennessee.

Manstein’s purchases are fewer this turn as he’s low on conscripts and money resources. He is evacuating the Fifth and Eighth divisions from Ft Jackson and sending them back to Washington, DC. Meanwhile Farragut’s Fleet is transporting Hooker and the 10th Division to Jackson Shore, the region adjacent to Fort Gaines Alabama, which guards Mobile.

Further North Carthage Tennessee remains under siege and the Kentucky militia brigade that is maintaining it isn’t strong enough to break in. Unfortunately for Johnnycai he’s recruited a militia brigade and a 20 pounder in Tennessee and they just happened to show up in Carthage. Therefore Manstein is dispatching the entire 12th division from Nashville under Sherman to deal with the problem.


In the East Federal units are once again pouring into Washington, DC at a high rate. Mcclellan is once again tagged as a training officer as many of the units are merging with his command. Manstein is also dispatching H. Berry, some sharpshooters, and an artillery unit to Ft Monroe where the 11th division is based under Joseph Mansfield.

Posted: Sun Feb 13, 2011 8:22 pm
by Daxil
Turn 21 Results- the Confederate territory of Arizona has been formed. In application a militia unit shows up at Tuscon. The first Confederate Congress met in Virginia (+1 CSA morale). Jefferson Davis has been elected for a six year term (+1 CSA morale).

Lincoln continues to demand his generals to attack in the East and issues cancel General War Order Number One (Mcclellan active for a turn).


On the Eastern seaboard Semmes’ command, which had been returning to Wilmington North Carolina to refit, happened to pass by Fourth Fleet transporting Erasmus Keyes and his command north.


John’s blockade runners return eight money and four war supply. No shipping has been sunk this turn as Manstein has nothing in the shipping box and John has vacated the area also. Manstein has transports en route. Arrival time is 18 days.


Posted: Sun Feb 27, 2011 11:50 pm
by Daxil
Turn 22 Planning Stage (Late Feb 62) – As a result of inaction McClellan and McDowell have been relieved of their command in the East and are being dispatched to the far reaches by Manstein. McClellan has the Northeastern Virginia Army HQ in tow. New overall Union commander in the East has not yet been established, but there is a free HQ at Washington, DC hovering over the nearly 100,000 men based in the Capital.

Manstein is also dispatching a new blockade force from Ft Monroe towards Richmond.

In the Midwest southern region Farragut’s Fleet has arrived off Fort Gaines off of Mobile, Alabama and Hooker is offloading D Miles’ 6200 men of 10th division in an attempt to capture the fort. Confederate defenses at Mobile number approximately 4000 men, under the command of J. Forney. Many of them are new artillery recruits and also Laws Brigade of 1500 men five days from completion. Also being dispatched to the region is William Hardee’s division of 3200 men from Memphis. They’re nine days away on the rails.

John McCown and M. Bonham are leading a division of 7000 men from New Orleans to recapture the Mississippi Delta forts for the Confederacy.


In the northern Midwest section William Sherman is moving on from Carthage Tennessee to recapture the revolting city of Gallatin across the Cumberland River.

In Eastern Kentucky Manstein has gathered three cavalry regiments in John has responded by gathering 5000 men at Prestonburg deep in the backwoods of Kentucky. With heavy snowfall keeping this large force supplied could be problematic.


Third United States Cav is back in action heading out to defend the rails of Central Tennessee south of Nashville, where John is making a concerted effort to tear things up.

Posted: Sun Mar 06, 2011 9:04 pm
by Daxil
Turn 22 Results- Abraham Lincoln has issued General War Order Number Two. The Union must keep a force at DC to (12 units, two months) avoid losing 50 victory points.

There were four minor battles this turn. At Tucson the poorly organized Confederate militia was overwhelmed inflicting only 30 casualties on the nearly 6000-strong Federal garrison. Sherman captured Gallatin (no casualties), Hooker captured Fort Gaines (614 Union casualties vs. 903 killed and captured Confederates) and McCown captured Fort Saint Phillip (243 Confederate casualties vs. 800 Union killed and captured).

In the West William Hardee has arrived at Mobile with over 8000 men in response to Hooker’s arrival.

Both sides now have the ability to form corps. Additionally Robert E Lee has taken over as overall Confederate commander in the East.

1500 Confederate indian reinforcements have arrived in the Far West.

Third US Cav is now in aggressive posture in Central Tennessee defending the rails.

John’s blockade runners return six money and four war supply. No U.S. shipping has been sunk this turn as the shipping box is empty.


Posted: Fri Mar 25, 2011 10:27 pm
by Daxil
Unfortunately this game has ended in a default/forfeiture victory for Manstein. We made it to about July and things were exciting, but it happened at a snale's pace. We've all been playing this game since 2009 so understandably it's been difficult to maintain focus. No shame to Johnnycai and congrats to Manstein! We're all looking forward to AACW2!

PS I'll post a synopsis of the final turns when I get a chance.

Johnnycai had this to say:

Sorry all for this, I intended on submitting my orders this evening as I got back late on Monday from Fla. and yesterday had to work and go shopping to restock the fridge etc.
Congrats to Manstein. I likely had fouled up my Union game by misjudging the supply situation of the Corps that slipped north of the Union Army and by assaulting Richmond when I did. This is mostly from lack of recent experience in playing ACW, I have only played tourney PBEM for the last 2 years and have never been playing against the Athena except for the first few months when I got the game 4years ago. I totally misread Smith's supply at Richmond when I saw his beseiged Corps lose strength, the Richmond town icon supply showing empty and region showing pillaged, I suspected that Smith's Corp was going to lose much of its strength in the turn supply phase and my assault would gain Richmond and more morale/VP's gain if I won before the Corp lost all of its elements due to starvation. Since Jackson/Longstreet showed up also after I lost the assault, I lost the ability to reinforce Fredricksburg (block/protect Manassas/Washington) and force the rebel corps to assault a strong position with no source of supply which would have totally changed the situation. If I had waited to assault, I strongly suspect Manstein's gambit would have proven to be fatal to his CSA fortunes.
As it is now, I have limited strength in the area to reinforce Maryland and it was unlikely I was not to keep Washington/Baltimore unless the supply situation was worse than shown.
Thanks Chris for your patience and effort in running the tourney and hosting.
Thanks Jim for your efforts in hosting.