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Johnycai (USA) vs. Manstein (CSA)

Posted: Mon Aug 30, 2010 12:46 am
by Jim-NC
Hello, and welcome to the other side of the finals. I will be hosting Johnycai as the Union taking on Manstein as the CSA. I will be doing things pretty much as I have done all the other match announcements. The new item is I will be listing the events for each faction however.

On to the match.

Turn 1 orders and Results

Posted: Mon Aug 30, 2010 12:52 am
by Jim-NC
Union (Johnnycai):

Moves - none
Political options - Total Blockade
Purchases - 15 River points
Replacements - 3 Inf, 1 Mil, 1 Cav, 1 Art

Event - [color="Red"]Pratt Street Riot[/color]

Confederate (Manstein):

Moves - Assault Harper's Ferry, Ft. Sumter, and Norfolk
Political options - none
Purchases - none
Replacements - 1 Cav

Battles and Results:

3 minor battles.

[SIZE="4"][color="Navy"]CSA Captures Norfolk[/color][/size]


Turn 2 orders and results

Posted: Mon Aug 30, 2010 12:59 am
by Jim-NC

Moves - Spread generals around
Political options - none
Purchases - 70 RR and 25 River
Replacements - 1 Militia

Event - [color="Red"]Ericsson's Folly[/color]


Moves - Reinforce Richmond
Political options - Embargo Cotton
Purchases - none
Replacements - none

Event - [color="Red"]Josiah Gorgas' Steel Mill
Union Pulls Out of Gosport Naval Yard at Norfolk[/color]

Battles and Results:
1 Minor battle. The foreign help has taken a strong negative number. Europe's major powers appear to desire to sit the war out.


Turn 3 (Early May)

Posted: Sat Sep 11, 2010 3:07 am
by Jim-NC
General Note - Pictures start next turn.


Orders - Massive mobilization for the war effort (see below). Assault Winchester VA.
Political options - Call for Volunteers, Full Mobilization, 8% War Bonds, Exceptional Taxes, Print money
Purchases - 40 RR, 10 River, 111 units
Replacements - 1 Elite, 3 Inf, 2 Cav, 1 Lt. Art, 1 Art

Events - [color="Red"]Carl Schurz raises German troops in New York
Lincoln's call for volunteers
The St. Louis Massacre[/color]


Orders - Assault Grafton WV and Cairo Ill (both holding depots). Reinforce AOP in east. Massive mobilization effort.
Political options - Print money, Exceptional taxes, Call for Volunteers with $1,000 bounty
Purchases - 62 units
Replacements - none


Both CSA assaults capture their respective towns. There were 4 minor battles.


Turn 4 (Late May)

Posted: Sun Sep 19, 2010 3:00 am
by Jim-NC

Orders - Assault Grafton. Lyon will assault Rolla MO this turn.
Purchases - 3 Reg, 5 Mil, 1 Cav, and 2 Art
Replacements - 2 Inf, 1 Lt. Inf, 1 Mil, 1 Lt. Art

Events - [color="Red"]Lincoln's 1st Inaugural Address[/color]




Orders - Assault Winchester in the east, and blow the Cairo depot in the west.
Political Options - Print money and Full mobilization
Purchases - 3 Reg, 8 Irreg, 5 Mil, 4 Cav

Events - [color="Red"]St. Louis Massacre[/color]




There were 3 minor battles this turn.


Turn 5 (Early June)

Posted: Sat Sep 25, 2010 2:34 am
by Jim-NC

Orders - Calvary assaulting Ft. Smith, Lyon assaults Jefferson city. Not much other movement. It appears that he is waiting for the main armies to unlock.
Purchases - RR 10, 2 Reg, 2 Mil, 1 Cav, 3 Art, 1 Riv, 1 Ocean
Replacements - 1 Inf, 1 Skir, 1 Cav, 1 Lt Art.

Event - [color="Red"]Military Balloons[/color] this event appears to have worked correctly in this game (as opposed to the other half of the tournament)

No pictures


Orders - Not much, it appears he is also waiting for the main armies to unlock.
Political Options - Print Money
Purchases - 32 Mil, 10 Art

Event - [color="Red"]Lincoln's 1st Inaugural Address[/color]


The armies unlocked this turn, expect movement next turn. There were 2 minor battles. Jefferson City was captured by the union.


Turn 6 (Lte June) Orders

Posted: Sat Sep 25, 2010 2:46 am
by Jim-NC

Orders - Runyan to Manassas, then to Washington, NVA army to Manassas, Raiding Lynchburg. Raids near Knoxville and Nashville. No major movement in the TN/KY area. Griffin to attack Fayetteville AR.
Political Options - Total Blockade, Volunteers with $1,000 bounty, 8% War Bonds, Exceptional Taxes
Purchases - 10 RR, 5 River, 7 Reg, 3 CAv, 7 Art, 2 Support, 2 River, 1 Ocean
Replacements - 1 HQ, 2 Inf, 2 Cav, 2 Lt. Art, 1 Hvy Art, 1 Support, 1 Service

Event - [color="Red"]Northern papers push for an immediate offensive[/color]




Orders - Johnston & McCulloch to Culpepper, Major reinforcement of the AOP at Richmond. In the west, troops are gathering at Nashville, and Memphis. Price gathers his command at Ft. Smith AR with the addition of many troops. Manstein is going heavily into independent artillery units (purchasing 20 units in the last 2 turns).
Political Options - Embargo Cotton, Volunteers with $1,000 bonus, Exceptional Taxes, Print Money
Purchases - 1 Reg, 5 Irreg, 4 Mil, 12 Cav, 10 Art
Replacements - 1 Inf, 1 Lt. Art, 1 Art

Event - [color="Red"]Lincoln's call for volunteers[/color]




Turn 6 Results

Posted: Sat Sep 25, 2010 2:53 am
by Jim-NC
There were 4 minor battles. FI has taken a large swing into Manstein's favor. It was -20 last turn, and after the embargo/blockade this turn it stands at 17. That is 37 points gain in 1 turn.


Posted: Sun Sep 26, 2010 8:55 pm
by Daxil
Just an FYI. As of turn 6 it appears Manstein has the combined games lead at +180.

Posted: Mon Sep 27, 2010 3:22 am
by Daxil
It looks like the big discrepancy in points took place turn 3 when John decided to make some expensive moves points-wise.
Political options - Call for Volunteers, Full Mobilization, 8% War Bonds, Exceptional Taxes, Print money

This will be an interesting effect on the two games. I know that already it's affecting which options they choose in my hosted game. Usually folks just go 100%, but not in this case.

Turn 7 (Late July)

Posted: Sat Oct 02, 2010 8:15 pm
by Jim-NC

Orders - Hooker and Howe move to Manassas, while the NVA under McDowell moves to Albemarle, VA (through the Shenandoah force). There is major reinforcements moving to Washington DC (8 units at least). There is some movement in the west, with a sharpshooter unit moving to scout around the Knoxville area. Several union troops are converging on Paudach KY. There is a large reinforcement in the SW box (Arizona area - large for that theater of the war).
Purchases - 3 Reg, 2 Cav, 3 Art, 5 river
Replacements - 2 Cav, 1 Lt. Art, 1 Supply




Orders - Reinforcements move to Richmond (I count at least 13 units). The AOP is moving to Fredricksburg. J Johnston has been split off, and is moving via rail to TN? Will he take over the Army of Tennessee, or become a corps commander? Time will tell. In the west, reinforcements are gathering at Memphis, Nashville, and Ft. Smith.
Purchases - 2 Reg, 6 Mil, 4 Cav



Turn 7 results

Posted: Sat Oct 02, 2010 8:17 pm
by Jim-NC
There was 1 minor battle. McDowell's army was unable to decisively engage Jackson's Shenandoah force.

Here are the results:


Turn 8 (Late July)

Posted: Sat Oct 02, 2010 8:28 pm
by Jim-NC

Orders - In a daring move, Johnnycai has sent the NVA around the flank of the defenders of Richmond. McDowell has ordered his men to march on Petersburg. If successful, he will cut Richmond off from the rest of the CSA. Also, as part of his daring scheme, he is sending troops to capture the port next to Petersburg (for resupply). Reinforcements continue to stream into Washington. In the West, the Skirmisher still scouts around Knoxville/Chattanooga. Keyes command will move to assault Island#10 in the Mississippi.
Purchases - RR 10, 2 Art, 2 River, 1 Ocean
Replacements - 1 Inf, 1 Cav, 1 Lt. Art, 1 Supply

Events - [color="Red"]McClellan appointed commander of AOP
Congress enacts 1st income tax law
Confiscation Act
Camp Dick Robinson (in KY)[/color]




Orders - Jackson to Culpepper VA to cut off the union's NVA. Another round of major reinforcements in Richmond. J Johnston has been recalled to the Richmond area after McDowell moved south. In the west, Memphis is being reinforced by many troops
Purchases - 5 Mil, 4 Art

Events - [color="Red"]Confiscation Act
Auto Militia Raised (garrison troops raised to defend CSA cities)[/color]



Turn 8 results

Posted: Sat Oct 02, 2010 8:33 pm
by Jim-NC
Only 2 minor battles. Since that huge jump during turn 6, FI has moved nowhere (it is still at 17).


Turn 9 orders (Early Aug)

Posted: Tue Oct 26, 2010 1:15 am
by Jim-NC

Orders - McDowell and the NVA are continuing their assault on the south attempting to cut the rail link to Richmond. They will move south attempting to capture Petersburg this turn. Mansfield's command is going for an assault on Norfolk. Island # 10 will be assaulted this turn as well. Reinforcements are still gathering in Louisville.
Purchases - 30 RR and 25 River, 1 Mil, 7 Art, 7 Support
Replacements - 1 Supply




Orders - Reinforcements continue to pour into Memphis in the west, and Richmond in the east. Johnston and 2 divisions are moving south of Richmond to Henrico, VA to block the way to Petersburg.
Purchases - 1 support
Events - [color="Red"]Be Driven away from the South forever
Camp Dick Robinson
News from Liverpool[/color]



Turn 9 results

Posted: Tue Oct 26, 2010 1:18 am
by Jim-NC
There were 5 minor and 1 major battles this turn. McDowell was stopped in his tracks on his way south. I am sure that Manstein is breathing a sigh of relief over the results of the battle. There were 2 minor naval engagements.


and the results:


Manstein's lead is currently 205 points.

Turn 10 Orders (Late August)

Posted: Tue Oct 26, 2010 1:36 am
by Jim-NC

Orders - In a completely puzzling move, McDowell's NVA spends the turn sitting in Buckingham VA in passive? It is becoming surrounded by CSA troops. I don't understand why Johnnycai decided to leave the army there, but it will have large consequences as will be seen later. Mansfield Div is moving to Hanover VA (it did not make it to Norfolk last turn). In the west, Wood is moving to Bowling Greene KY.
Purchases - RR 20, River 20, 1 Reg, 1 Art, 1 River, 1 Ocean
Replacements - 1 Cav, 1 Supply




Orders - Reinforcements continue to move to Memphis, and Richmond. Longstreet's command is moving to Buckingham to engage McDowell, while Johnston moves back to Richmond. As can be seen Jackson and Bory are sitting to McDowell's north around Fredricksburg.
Purchases - 2 Mil, 4 Art
Events - [color="Red"]Alliance with Native Americans
Commissioners sent to Europe
Supply Steamer captured
Five new full Generals[/color]



Turn 10 results

Posted: Tue Oct 26, 2010 1:42 am
by Jim-NC
There were 4 minor and 1 major battles this turn. The large battle took place in Buckingham VA, where Longstreet attacked McDowell. The CSA's losses where almost 2 times as high as the Union's. The only reason the CSA lost, was the Union had no place to retreat to. McDowell tried, but failed to sneak away before the battle was joined.


and now the results:


Posted: Tue Oct 26, 2010 8:49 pm
by Manstein
One strategic comment:

I knew that Johnston would lose that first battle, but my first intention was not win that battle, but fix the McDowell army there and use some form his few munitions.

I cannot begin to surround to McDowell because you can see at the map that Jackson was inactive and I must to do anything for avoid his movement.

Posted: Tue Oct 26, 2010 9:21 pm
by Ace
But, single cavalry or a sharpshooter would do that task just as good, why a corps sized force?

Turn 11 Orders (Early September)

Posted: Thu Oct 28, 2010 3:40 am
by Jim-NC

Orders - Hamilton's command moves to Augusta VA to provide cover for the NVA (assuming it makes it that far). McDowell attempts a retreat along the way he came in (to the West/NW around Charlottesville). Mansfield's command will move to Ft. Monroe. In another daring move, Johnnycai is attempting to force a major engagement with Manstein. This time in the west, where Fremont's command will attempt a blind river landing in Memphis TN. I use the term blind, as there is no and I repeat [SIZE="5"]NO[/size] union forces anywhere near Memphis to allow the union to see what's there.
Purchases - RR 30, River 15, 2 Reg, 2 Art, 1 Sup, 1 River
Replacements - 1 Cav, 1 Supply
Events - [color="Red"]McClelland appointed as CinC of the Union Army[/color] What a terrible time to Little Mac as commander. He's never active.




Orders - Continue to reinforce Richmond. The main eastern forces are angling to cut off the NVA's retreat. As you can see, Longstreet's command (not corps), Jackson's command, Johnston's command and the AOP (under Bory) are all moving next to the NVA, cutting off it's escape routes. In the west, the build up continues in Memphis, where Polk is sitting with a sizable force (hidden from the union). In the far west, Price will blow the Ft. Smith depot, and move towards Little Rock.
Purchases - RR 40, 1 support



Turn 11 results

Posted: Thu Oct 28, 2010 3:48 am
by Jim-NC

A moment of silence for the dearly departed. :(
There were 2 major battles this turn. The NVA was halted in it's tracks, unable to move away from the waiting confederate forces. Fremont's command is gone. Over 12,000 brave union soldiers were lost to the cause storming the riverbank of the mighty Mississippi. Memphis is strongly in the CSA's hands. The CSA NM gain was 8 for the massacre at Memphis. There were 6 minor battles also.



And now the results:


Turn 12 Orders (Late September)

Posted: Thu Nov 11, 2010 3:06 am
by Jim-NC

Orders - The NVA will hold position in the Virginia countryside in defensive posture in the same region as the CSA forces under Jackson, while Hamilton and Grant will assault Charlottesville to open a way out for the damaged army. In the process, they may allow supply to make it's way to McDowell's force. In the west, a pause after the disaster at Memphis. In the far west, Milroy's force will attack Price at Fort Smith AR.
Purchases - 20 RR, 5 River, 2 Reg, 7 Mil, and 1 Art
Replacements - 2 Inf, 1 Cav, 1 Supply
Event - [color="Red"]Runaway Slaves Enlist in Navy, and Kentucky Secedes[/color]




Orders - AOP and other commands will move north and west to surround the NVA. Jackson will hold, and attempt to attack the NVA. An Army HQ is sent out west to Nashville, where AS Johnston is waiting. Now that the river threat is smashed for a while, Bragg's division is moving by rail to Nashville.
Purchases - 20 RR, 1 Irreg, 3 Cav
Event - [color="Red"]Kentucky Secedes[/color]



Turn 12 Results

Posted: Thu Nov 11, 2010 3:12 am
by Jim-NC
There were 2 minor battles and 2 major battles. There was a weird result due to Kentucky seceding. CSA troops appear in Bowling Greene, which was solidly union (more about that in next turns' post) 3 units to be specific. The union's NVA got smashed pretty badly, and was unable to retreat from the 2nd battle (on day 4).



And now the results:


Turn 13 Orders (Early October)

Posted: Thu Nov 11, 2010 3:24 am
by Jim-NC

Orders - The NVA was forced east right into the pursuing CSA forces. I have included a picture of McDowell's plight (he has no supply, and can't move anywhere). Due to the supply wagons, he does not have enough evasion points to move anywhere (hence the giant red map). His choices are 1-move with his supply wagons(he can't move into any region as is), and hope Grant bulls through the ring of CSA forces allowing him an escape route, or 2-dump his supply wagons, and run away (allowing him to move into a different map region). Neither appears to be a particularly good end for what was a bold stroke to cut off Richmond. Johnnycai has choosen option 1, with the NVA attempting to move west then NW to Charlottesville (we will see what happens as a result). Grant is pushing SE to attack Longstreet/Jackson. In the west, the union is now under threat of the uprising of CSA support, and so Wood will have to move back to restore order to Bowling Greene (this is an odd result due to the Kentucky secedes event). Lyon will now move north and west (away from Ft. Smith)
Purchases - none
Replacement - 1 Art, 1 Supply





Turn 13 orders continued

Posted: Thu Nov 11, 2010 3:28 am
by Jim-NC

Orders - Major redeployment. The AOP moves south, Longstreet moves SE, Jackson moves to Richmond. Both Longstreet and Jackson are moving in attack posture, attempting to smash the NVA. In the west, those poor units in Bowling Greene are attempting to run away to the safety of the CSA lines, giving up the siege of Bowling Greene in the process.
Purchases - 20 RR, 7 Militia
Event - [color="Red"]Troops from the border states[/color]



Turn 13 results

Posted: Thu Nov 11, 2010 3:42 am
by Jim-NC
Newspapers everywhere bemoan the fate of the NVA. "[font="Century Gothic"][SIZE="4"]Oh the horror, I was so hungry. It seemed to go on for days. We even ate the artillery horses. I was glad I was captured, at least I got some food in my belly." Private Jim - US Calvary. [/size]
[/font] 27!!!!! elements starve to death in the NVA.

Manstein missed a great opportunity last round. As supply is computed 1st, 27 elements disappeared from the NVA before his units could destroy it. He was able to destroy the remaining forces (26 elemets), but did not get the extra NM for the starvation. If he could have gotten that as well, he would have probably gained another 6 NM (on top of the 6 he gained for the 2 days of battle).

The union was able to capture Norfolk this turn.

There were 4 major and 3 minor battles. I want to draw your attention to a reporting error/bug. On day 4, a battle occured, but with different NM gains and losses for the 2 sides. I present both battle screens for your viewing pleasure.






Turn 13 results continued

Posted: Thu Nov 11, 2010 3:50 am
by Jim-NC

Jackson's command was smacked really hard by Grant on day 4. They took the brunt of the damage from Grant (even though the AOP was in the same area). The CSA's Edmund Smith was KIA during the battle of Amherst. The net effect of the battles in the east are +2 NM for the Union (not including the +1 for holding Norfolk). And now the results:


Turn 14 orders (Late October)

Posted: Mon Nov 29, 2010 2:26 am
by Jim-NC

Orders - Grant's command retreats to Charlottesville. Halleck moves on the underdefended depot at Fredricksburg. In Tennessee, Keyes' command will move to Fts. Henry and Donaldson. A lone force is attacking Lexington KY. Grant is being promoted to 3 stars for his heroic attempt to help McDowell's doomed command. Hooker is being promoted to 2 stars for his gallant actions.
Purchases - RR 20, River 10, 13 Mil, 2 Cav, 6 Art, 1 Support
Replacements - 1 Inf, 1 Sup




Orders - Richmond is being reinforced (again). Jackson's command has been split into it's component parts (due to the large amount of destroyed elements) in order to be built up faster. The AOP is now on it's own, as Longstreet is moving east to Richmond. J. Johnston is sent to Nashville, AS Johnston is sent to New Orleans. The HQ being sent to Nashville, is now rerouted to New Orleans. Longstreet has been promoted to 2 stars.
Political Options - Print Money
Purchases - 3 Reg, 15 Mil, 1 Cav, 9 Art, 1 Support, 1 HQ
Replacements - 4 Inf, 1 Skir, 2 Cav
Event - [color="Red"]Cooper Retires
Election Day in South
Economic Sunrise
General AP Stewart arrives[/color]



Turn 14 Results

Posted: Mon Nov 29, 2010 2:32 am
by Jim-NC
There were 6 minor battles this turn. The major battle happened in Amherst VA, where the AOP under Bory forced Grant to retreat (which was his original intent). The losses on that battle where nearly identical.


And now the results: