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1916 Scenario Naval Mod

Posted: Wed Nov 02, 2011 8:36 pm
by Random
The usual caveats and warnings apply but hopefully this will improve your WW1G experience a bit.

La Grande Guerre/World War One Gold

1916 Scenario Naval Mod

For 108N and 106 O as in Oscar


Back up the following files:

[color="Red"]World War One Gold\Data\DB\Leaders.csv

World War One Gold\Data\DB\ProductionCosts.csv

World War One Gold\Data\DB\Units.csv

World War One Gold\Data\DB\NavalMissions.csv

World War One Gold\Data\DB\Units.csv

World War One Gold\Data\DB\GoldScenarios\1916\Detachments.csv

World War One Gold\Data\DB\GoldScenarios\1916\Fleets.csv

World War One Gold\Data\DB\GoldScenarios\1916\Nations.csv

World War One Gold\Data\DB\GoldScenarios\1916\Reinforcements.csv

World War One Gold\Data\DB\GoldScenarios\1916\Shipyards.csv

World War One Gold\Data\DB\GoldScenarios\1916\TurnRules.csv[/color]

Unzip this folder into a temporary directory, cutting and pasting into the WW1G DB and 1916 Scenario folders, replacing the original files. Now go win the War. Or not, your call...

The enclosed Units.csv file contains a number of modifications and cannot be used with any other stock scenarios.

This mod should restore something resembling naval balance to WW1G and the British Royal Navy is unlikely to face annihilation after a mere ten or so combat rounds at the hands of an inferior High Seas Fleet. A number of values and modifiers have been changed to lessen the otherwise unstoppable power of the Kaiser’s dreadnoughts. As a small offset for the taming of the uber-battleships however, Austria-Hungary may now build U-Boats to add to the tonnage war.

British Admiral Doveton Sturdee is no longer a paltroon. On his worst day he was a far better commander than Milne or Troubridge on their best and he led the RN to its only unambiguous naval victory of the Great War. Feel free to disagree and not install the modded Leaders.csv file.

The number of ship squadrons required for a Control mission has been reduced to three. This allows contesting other seas. If you think this unreasonable, do not install the modded NavalMissions.csv file.

Reinforcements no longer need be placed in major cities and may by placed in any owned and supplied province. If you feel that this should not be possible given the scale of WW1G and one or two-month turns, do not install GameRules.csv

Other naval changes include:

British Royal Navy:

- Most ship names should now have correct spelling along with minor adjustments to the order of battle.

- Scout Fleet is renamed BCF for Battle Cruiser Fleet

- Home Fleet is renamed Grand Fleet as it was on 4 August 1914

- Atlantic Fleet is renamed Channel Fleet as the former was based at Gibraltar.

- There is a new SS fleet in the Med named E-24.

- Aircraft Carrier HMS Argus is now available for building in the Shipyard.

- The fourth Hood Class HMS Anson is now available for building in the Shipyard.

- The negative modifier to all RN combat rolls has been removed although the hard coded shell penalty remains.

- War losses to December 1915 have been subtracted.

French Navy:

- AC Jeanne d'Arc were omitted from stock and have been added to the Atlantique Fleet at Brest.

- War losses to December 1915 have been subtracted.

Regina Marina

- Order of Battle has been adjusted so BB Dante Alighieri is with the Conte Cavour’s.

- Both Andrea Doria’s require completion via the Shipyards.

- B Squadrons have been adjusted so that the more modern ships are present.

- A CL Squadron of three fast light cruisers of the Marsala type has been added.

- War losses to December 1915 have been subtracted.

KuK Marine

- The 9-newest pre-dreadnoughts have been grouped into two B Squadrons. Obsolete ships have been deleted.

- A new AC Squadron contains the best Austrian large cruisers.

- A new CL Squadron contains four fast cruisers of the Saida type.

- War losses to December 1915 have been subtracted.

United States Navy

- Atlantic Fleet dreadnoughts and pre-dreadnoughts have been rearranged into homogenous BB and B Squadrons respectively.

- AC Squadrons have been added as the USN loved their large cruisers, fictional and incorrectly named ships have been deleted or changed.

- A fast CL Squadron containing three cruisers of the Chester type has been added.

- A submarine squadron "SUBLANT" is now available in the USA Box.

Imperial Russian Navy

- The Baltic Fleet now has its historical ships.

- The Black Sea Fleet now has its historical ships.

- AC Unit Bayan and DD Unit Novik have been added to the Baltic Fleet.

- SS Units Narval and Akula have been added at Rewal and Sevastopol respectively.

- War losses to December 1915 have been subtracted.

Minor Navies

- The Greek Navy is complete.

- The Dutch Navy is complete.

Posted: Thu Nov 03, 2011 10:12 am
by Panama Red
Thank you for adding to the best WW1 PC game on the market. :thumbsup:

Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2012 3:15 am
by NefariousKoel
Excellent work Random!