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Economic Aid Question

Posted: Sun Oct 30, 2016 2:29 pm
by jcrohio
I am having trouble seeing the results of giving Economic Aid. I know how to do it and see the amount given to a major power deducted from the giving power. What I cannot see is the given amount showing up on the receiving power's income. I given the aid in an interphase. I have checked the next turn, the next interphase, and the turn following the next interphase but have never seen the given aid show up as income. Any ideas?


Re: Economic Aid Question

Posted: Sun Oct 30, 2016 4:17 pm
by Random
I'm sure that this works as I recall using it successfully to send aid to Turkey from Germany. There may be a couple of things in play and I believe that aid is the last expense deducted even if the deduction shows off the top. If so this means that if there are any events/issues that reduce the Givers EP below the level of the gift, the transaction will not happen.

So, Germany gives 10-EP to Turkey but blockade and strategic bombing reduce the remaining sum total of the German economy before the aid to <10, the aid will not appear in Turkey next Interphase.

Without more details or a saved game (and I don't think this new Forum supports posting saves) it's difficult to be sure.


Re: Economic Aid Question

Posted: Tue Nov 01, 2016 12:45 pm
by jcrohio
Hey Random. Good to hear from you. I assume it is working as I could find nothing in the forums that would indicate it is not. I have tried to do just what you said give aid from Germany to Turkey and A-H to Turkey. The procedure I used was as follows:
1) Issued Aid from both countries to Turkey in an Interphase.
2) The manual indicates that this transfer is "immediate." Page 115 of the manual.
3) I have looked for this income on the turn following the Interphase. I see nothing.
4) I have looked for this income on the next Interphase. I see nothing.
5) Both countries (I pretty sure) had plenty of income to give. England is not in the war and there is no blockade. Germany
and A-H have plenty of income.
6) As a side note: the ability to even give Turkey aid had to be modded. By default Turkey is not allowed to receive aid.

I will try again and this time double check that I do indeed have enough income to issue this aid.

If you can think of anything let me know.