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PoN 1.04.5 edit mode crash

Fri Sep 14, 2018 6:23 pm

Pride of Nations, version 1.04.5 bought from Steam, Africa DLC included, crashes on startup when F9 is pressed and EDIT mode is attempted.

I bought the game after I found out my 1.01 version can't be updated with on-line patches. Since I enjoy modding population and province resources to historical values, playing vanilla 1.04.5 is not an option due to portrayal of Balkans and Austro-Hungarian provinces (Ireland has 10+ million population in 1850 as well).

Relevant log info:
19:14:03 (Reporting) Starting Renderer
19:14:03 (Reporting) Rendering Engine 0 ms
19:14:03 (Reporting) Starting Game ...
19:14:03 (Reporting) Global Load Time: 42809 ms
19:14:03 (Reporting) TMain, CreateForm OK
19:14:03 (Reporting) Application.Run Starting app...
19:14:03 [Critical ] TScriptEngine.Parse Exception caught: Access violation at address 00848A94 in module 'PON.exe'. Read of address 000001A4 while parsing line 116845 : ColStatus
19:14:03 (Reporting) Game Engine version: PON 1.04.5 June 19th, 2017
19:14:03 --- End of Log ---

Has the way of modding PoN been changed? Are there any known solutions to EDIT mod crash on startup?

Thank you in advance for your responses.

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