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Corey "CSA" VS Arth AAR

Sat Oct 30, 2010 5:26 pm

Turn 1
Edit: Forgot to mention, this is the Grand Campaign, version 1.16_6 with quick fix 3a. Historical attrition is on as well.

First time trying an AAR. Pics might be a little small, but just need to find a way to up the size of them in photobucket. First few turns will as usual be a little slow. Objective is to entrench heavily in the East. Grafton will be a very important spot because of the difficut terrain. Fort Monroe will be an objective, but if it gets reinforced heavily I'll just build a fort nearby myself to protect the approaches to Richmond. In the Kentucky I will wait for my opponent to make the first move and during the meantime build a defensive force in Nashville. In the West I will move with the utmost speed against Tuscon and Colorado. I will be investing heavily in that theatre to attempt to bring the West under control. Either way there are going to be swarms of calvary causing all sorts of trouble. I think for a minimal investment it will divert a lot of the USA's manpower away from more important areas.

First picture I'm dispatching the small brigade of militia and light infantry to take Fort Sumter. The other two South Carolina brigades, with artillery and a supply wagon will head as fast as they can towards Grafton West Virginia and entrench there. The lone Calvary will head towards Grafton, but one reagion to the Northwest and cut the rail. Red Stars in the pic will represent and objective whether its a place or cutting rails.

Recruitment is pretty lite at first. Only some calvary, lite artillery, and medium artillery.

A very modest 10 investment into rail.

Only option selected this turn is to embargo cotton. The others such as finances and drafts I will save for the turn I can recruit reinforcements.

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Sat Oct 30, 2010 10:59 pm

Turn 2
First few turns are always fast paced.

Looks like the Sam Houston event in Texas fired, so have to deal with that now. B. McCulloch with some calvary are dispatched to attack Dallas, along with another lone calvary. I have a 6lb artillery on the way and as soon as I can build some units in Texas will start my move in the West blitzkrieg style.

Fort Sumter Falls as can be expected, now the bde that took it is going to head towards Manassas via rail.

30 Rail investment that round. I know I'll need it because I hope to use my interior lines well and still have transport capability.

Did some more replacements. I know I'll need them once the Armies start forming.

Other than that I've moved militias out of cities such as Manassas and Fredricksburg to have them build as much entrenchment as they can before the Armies unlock. Will send the one militia from Winchester to cut rails around Harpers Ferry. The other militia in Virginia, will of course take Norfolk. Another expected victory for the CSA :)

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Sun Oct 31, 2010 12:26 am

You don't need photobucket. You can put attach the pics directly to the posts.

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Sun Oct 31, 2010 8:29 pm

Turn 3 Early May 1861
Once again not much action. Union decided on total blockade which helped me out by +11 Foreign Intervention. Every little bit helps. I've moved the militias out of the KY towns to dig in and build what defense they can.

My forces are about to merge at Grafton, WV and Mannassas, VA. I'm pretty sure my opponent will make a grab for Manassas. I've also dispatched the one militia to besiege Harpers Ferry and maybe save that depot in case the USA tries to blow it.

My calvary make short work of the USA forces around Dallas. Now they will head to the Indian Villages. I'll have militia coming in soon to take Dallas for good.

I've invested in 4xElite Infantry, 1xHQ, 1xNaval Engineer, and 1xMedium Artillery.

8% War Bonds and Exceptional Taxes, I know I'm going to need the money.

Call for volunteers with a $1K bonus and Full Mobilization. Men are probably going to be in short supply for the CSA with the attrition rules on.

Other than that I recruited Calvary from most of my states to include Texas Rangers from Texas. Recruited militia in VA to secure rail lines, militia in Texas to take Dallas and Tuscon, militia and sharpshooters in Arkansas to sweep up after my calvary, and a 4xinf 1x6lbr BDE in Arkansas to prepare for when Price pops up. I dispatched a supply wagon to the same area to join Price. Some light industrial investment was made in MS and TX, hopefully getting me some WS. I bough 4 sets of Brigs to beef up my blockade runners.

I will build heavily in the Gulf blockade box at first. Once I can secure Fort Pickens and maybe the Southern Florida forts I'll have free reign in the Gulf. Big maybe on the two South Florida forts because it will take a division and lots of planning. Not sure if my forces will be pushed hard in TN and KY, but if they are then Fort Pickens will be the extent of my actions in the Gulf region.

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Sun Oct 31, 2010 8:39 pm

You're close. Now click the paperclip and select your attachment. It will show up in the post.

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Mon Nov 01, 2010 1:01 am

If you guys want me to include any extra information or screen shots throughout the AAR let me know. Should be a pretty fast paced game and aiming for the CSA to be hyper-aggresive. I don't think it will be until 1863 before the USA is able to start capitalizing on its resource advantage, but I plan to wreck all sorts of havoc in the meantime.

Once again the red stars are my objectives. Grafton, I'm rushing everything I can throw together there. The lone calvary there will cut the rail, and swing back through Grafton on attack posture, then to a neighboring region to cut more rails. I have a swarm of calvary that will be marshalling at Grafton if I can gain control. Manassas saw a little fighting, with me losing two militia units, but in the end I had a BDE arrive on day 14 and push the USA back. I'll be moving militia into the area south of Manasssas to protect the rail lines and repair. I fully expect my opponent to his first push on Manassas. Harpers Ferry I will send a calvary unit there to attempt to keep the siege up until JJ gets unlocked.


The red stars in this pic are marshalling points for calvary. Once assembled they will be launched in all directions cutting massive amounts of rail. I will begin to slowly reinforce the two forts in this region and the small ports on the West side of the Missisippii river. Sometimes I've had a USA opponent try to work their way down that side and it can become problematic if they start daisy chaining depots.

Same theme continuing. I'm moving calvary into the indian villages and will work very hard to control the far West. Its not important, but I'm banking on the fact that it will divert a lot of troops away from the major theatres. I have militia now convergin on Dallas, as well as making moves towards Kansas. There is one conscription point to be had there and I will try to get it soon.


No major battles yet, just a few skirmishes. So far things are going to plan. I did no recruitment that turn, instead focusing on building rail and water transport, light development in TX and MS, and replacemtents, mostly artillery for the units that are building in VA.

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Mon Nov 01, 2010 3:34 am

This is about how things look so far in the East. Grafton is now in my hands. General Winder is set on defend at all costs. Being in Mountains he should be fine or at least do some damage. Either way, I'm not giving up that poition easily. My opponent torched the Harpers Ferry depot. However, I've got a swarm of calvary that are about to destroy ever railroad in site as to stall an USA advance into Northern Virginia. I've also detached a small force to probe Fort Monroe or set up siege positions. Only minor fighting in the East with my one calvary near Grafton being defeated with light casualties, so no big loss.

This is my central front in KY and TN. Here I'm the weakest, but I don't see my opponent attacking with a large force any time soon. Hopefully the FOW will prevent him from seeing the weak spots which are plenty. I've got calvary in the area, which should be causing trouble in short time. One is set to cut the rails North of Cairo. The others are still positioning before raiding North.

Units continue to arrive at Dallas where General Sibley will assemble a force to attack Tuscon. I've got one more Indian Village to secure, then I can start moving North with more of a force. Two militia units are moving towards Lawrence. Genral Price will beging moving towards Rolla or Lexington depending on where my opponent moves. I should probably torch the Rolla depot, but I'm going to try to hold it. If I can get in position with a large force I'll be able to threaten St. Louis. The 4xInfantry 1x6lbr Arkansas BDE is making its way to link up with Price. He is going to be hurting for artillery till I can get some produced.

Other than that I recruited a few more militia and a 2xInfantry 1x12lbr BDE in TN. I recruited a 2xInfantry 1xSharp Shooter, 6 militia, and 2 cavalry in Missouri. I moved a supply wagon from Atlanta, Georgia towards Pensacola, Florida, to begin assembling a force to siege Fort Pickens. Still making light industrial invenstments in TX and MS. So far it hasn't paid off. Might just switch over and produce more Brigs, but will give it one more turn to pay off.

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Tue Nov 02, 2010 2:09 am

Turn 6 Late June 1861
So the are unlocked, things should start to get a little hotter. I'm moving both JJ and Beuaregard by rail to Manassas. Both of them decided to be inactive this turn, so we will see what happens. I figured my opponent would go after Manassas quick and my force there was not enough to hold him at bay. I have a small force of about 4 Brigades heading towards Fredricksburg. I don't expect my opponent to strike there with any real force. I have three militia units approaching from different directions and they will assault Harpers Ferry. There is only one severly weak militia holding the town. Additionally, I'll continue cutting rails and making a small probe into West Virginia with a small brigade.

Yes, you guessed it more rail cutting. Hopefully, gunboats don't start to spoil my plans by blocking calvary movement across the rivers. Charleston, MO falls to the USA, so I have to be careful of my opponent trying to creep up the West side of the river. I'm assembling my river fleet around Island #10 before I retire them to Memphis. I've also dispatched the Tennessee Brigade to Columbus, KY to start digging in.

Jefferson City fell to the USA that round, but Price is heading towards it with all due speed. He will meet up with additional militia and a supply wagon in the region neighboring Jefferson City. I have a brigade and militia unit guarding Rolla. I've set them on defend at all cost to buy Price time to retake Jefferson City. If my opponent gets Rolla, I want him to be severly weakend so as not to be able to respond to Price. I still have the Indian Village and Lawrence, KS set in my sites, but its unsure if I will get them this turn. My calvary is starting to become more of a presence, but will take time to organize in the region.

One of the two battles over the more important objectives. Price has a nice sized force in those mountains around Grafton. He is set to defend at all cost. He won so Grafton will eventually become a vast graveyard for the USA trying to get me out of those mountains.

And Jefferson City went to the USA. I didn't have much of a force other than one militia outside the city and the other units were new builds in the city.

MO: 3 militia, 2inf 1ss Bde, 1 cav, 1 10lb art
MS: 5 militia
TN: 4inf 6lb art cav Bde, 2 Cav
VA: 4inf 6lb art 12lb art cav Bde
TX: 3 Rangers
AR: 1 Cav

No replacements that round. I need to get some militia and other units to objectives to dig in. Try to make my opponent react to me rather than the other way around. Makes it easier for me to choose terrain that is advantageous to defense and can't be bypassed easily.

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Tue Nov 02, 2010 7:32 pm

Turn 7 Early July 1861
Here is a snapshot of the East. Things are working out well here. I should have a solid line built in Northern Virginia soon. I continue to send calvary to cut rails with the overall intent its going to stall the USA for a lot of 1861 giving me time to set up the terrain I'll fight in. Hoping the USA will devote lots of resources to chase down all my minions instead of concentrating on major battles. Harpers Ferry did not fall, but I'm sending JJ along with Jackson and Longstreet to take it and threaten the Western approaches to Maryland. JJ will have 8500 men supported by 6lb and 12lb artillery. Beauregard will be set to defend at all cost at Manassas with 7500 men supported by 20lb and 12lb artillery. I'm banking the USA will break and retreat before my Army gets annihiliated. Holmes is going to cover Fredricksburg with approximately 6000 men. My opponent is working slowly up the peninsula outside of Richmond, but I'll have some more units there shortly and with a little posturing I might get him to unlock Lee early. Winder is dug in at Grafton with approximatly 3500 men and artillery.

Nothing Major going on in the central theatre. Just a lot of calvary raiding from my side. A lot of railroad is getting tore up.

So Rolla is lost to me that round. No matter, I'll just divert Price into raiding a little in the area. Mculloch will assemble a force in Springfield for the meantime to either be sent to Jefferson City or North. Depends on which route my opponent takes.

Sibley along with some detached Calvary units will make attacks on Tuscon. I hope to have the city within 3 turns, but we will see. I intend to through units at Tuscon until the USA is forced from it. I think I can assemble more units than my opponent can in this area.

This was the major battle of this round. Manassas stays in CSA control and those units that were destroyed were elite infantry. Hopefully I destroyed one of his elite brigades.

MO: 2inf 1SS Bde, 3x10lb art
TN: 3x 2inf 12lb art Bde
VA: 2x 2inf 1SS

Replacements: 2 x supply train, 1 heavy art

A few minor battles occured that round. My opponent made a probe towards Fort Smith, AR, but his lone cavalry was completely destroyed. A cavalry probe towards Fredricksburg was turned back as well. The Rolla depot fell, and wouldn't you know the lone 10lb artillery I produced just happened to be spawned there. I really wish I were able to choose marshalling points for new units. Sometimes they just spawn in the worst of places.

My movement in the West is going to be slowed because of supply issues and the USA decided to destroy a peaceful indian village. Never really figured out a good use for them other than the meager supply they produce, but would have liked to have them anyway.

Overall my objective for 1861 is to secure Jefferson City in Missouri and make any inroads I can into Kansas. In Tennessee I just intend to strengthen defensive lines and the river forts. I will not move here until my opponent does. In the East I want to form a line from Harpers Ferry to Fredricksburg. I will try to build a fort at Norfolk and Richmond or somewhere on the approaches to Richmond. Towards the end of 1861 I will also start to reinforce my coastal forts with 2 militia each. Just to give them a modest defense. In the Gulf I hope to have Fort Pickens Sieged before the year is out.

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Thu Nov 04, 2010 12:37 am

Turn 8 Late July 1861

Not much happening on the Eastern front. JJ is going to go North and attempt to hit isolated units. I'm pretty sure I can get him back South before he gets cut off. The intent of this movement is not necessarily a city objective, but more so to draw forces away from Northern Virginia and to bleed the enemy by hitting individual units. Winder will stay in Grafton, Beauregard in Manassas, and Holmes in Fredricksburg. Additionally, more forces are headed towards the Peninsula, however I need to wait for some generals in order to avoid a large command penalty however it will keep Richmond safe in the meantime.

Confederate victory at Williamsburg on the Peninsula. I've played my opponent a few times in the past and he doesn't typically work the Peninsula area aggressively. Maybe a change of tactics here, but I'll make that area a graveyard much as Grafton will be.

Polk is digging in with a brigade and artillery at Columbus KY. If fighting takes place here it will be a slow retreat towards Memphis. I will defend heavily the two forts as well as central Tennessee. Might let my opponent create a bulge of sorts and then snap the door shut if I can hold both flanks. Still to early to tell what plans the USA has for this area though. I'm not seeing in large troop buildup anywhere.

Price will link up with Bohnham in between Rolla and Jefferson City. On the next turn they will attack whichever city is weaker.

Sibley will sit at Tuscon this turn, but I plan to move on Denver very soon. I'll be content getting Tuscon and Denver in this theatre for 1861. I've got more militia and cavalry units headed to Tuscon to prepare for the attack. Again I think I can throw more troops against Denver than my oppenent can muster in this area.

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Thu Nov 04, 2010 12:58 am

Turn 9 Early August 1861

Well the confiscation act fired so nice 10NM boost. Anyways, much the same here. Defense on the areas with the blue line in front. I'm content with that line. All I have to do is dig in and then maybe I can turn some major attention towards Fort Monroe. Federal forces are very weak in the area due to cohesion losses, so I'm moving and attacking even though my troops have a 35% command penalty. I've got a little action in my rear with federal cavalry, but nothing on the scale I'm doing. I detached some of my own cavalry to chase them down if they don't die of supply shortages before making their way North. JJ is on the move, and will cut the rail in the area he is in, before assualting York. It will be an easy victory annhilating the defending unit. JJ also caught a federal cavalry and totally destroyed that in Fredricksburg region.

I have two brigades of 2xinf 1x12lb art, heading towards Lexington, KY. I can't hold the area, but would like for my opponent to divert more resources to it. I'm confident I can move the units back to safe territory after they do some delaying actions. I've attached a supply train with them, just in case because winter is coming soon. Polk is still digging in Columbus, KY. I've dug in a 2xinf 1x12lb art in the area West of Island 10. I am sending more units to forts henry and donnelson to dig in outside as well. Nashville is starting to have a small defensive force too.

Rolla it is. Price will move there in an assault. Mculloch will take his cavalry North to make a jab at Lawrence, KS. If he takes it good, if not then it is sure to tie up forces that could otherwise be used to defend Denver, CO.

Confederate victory once again. I may have the advantage here now. My opponent is divided his forces between Rolla and Jefferson City, so I think I can hit the force at Rolla to either take the city and depot or bleed him a little.

CSA morale is pretty good so far. Victory points as can be expected are in the lead as well. Could change in the coming years though. I'm really liking the 47 FI at this point. I decided to embargo cotton this turn and hopefully get a few more positive points.

So far things are going well. I'm really tight on cash though. My investments have had a minor payoff of approximatley 6WS in AR and MS. No recruitment or replacements that round because of the not having any money issue.

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A new AAR

Thu Nov 04, 2010 2:52 pm

Great to see a new AAR.
Good luck.
Nice to see the explanation of your strategy.

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Fri Nov 05, 2010 4:09 am

Turn 10 Late August 1861

My opponent is doing a little cavary raiding in my rear, but don't think it will hurt too much. Winter is coming and any attacks he conducts I'm gambling won't be able to stay full steam. Not much different other than I've reclaimed more of the Peninsula. I can't continue my attack towards Fort Monroe, as my forces are bad on cohesion. I suspect my opponents forces aren't in much better shape. JJ will continue North. I think the weather will hold out for one or maybe two turns. Plenty of my time to turn back South. JJ will attempt to hit Lancaster destroy the units in the area, and it should have plenty of supply. I seriously need to think about rebuilding that depot at Harpers Ferry, but I'm still debating it.

The center of my line. All very quiet as usual. Mostly just digging in at the positions with the blue lines. I've also got two 2xinf 1x12lb art brigades heading towards Lexington to entrench there and destroy some rail along the way.

Price nor Mculloch had success against Rolla and Lawrence. So time to start moving slowly back towards Springfield. Winter will be harsh in the area, and for my opponent to move South in this theatre Springfield will have to be dealt with.

One of the larger battles that round. Command penalty is doing me any justice, but all in all I can deal with the losses as long as they are even. So not a total defeat.

Confederate victory on the peninsula. It is encouraging to see I outnumber my opponent two to one in this area. Really need to seriously start considering building that fort at Williamsburg. However, Norfolk will be priority.

Not much else that round. I suspect JJ will be the only active movements I make for the next two moves before winter hits. Also promising is I got a +22 FI that round. Could be an early intervention. I've never had points shoot up that fast. I've continued light industrial development in AR and TX. Minimal investment with a moderat return so far.

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Fri Nov 05, 2010 4:57 am

Turn 11 Early September 1861

JJ hit Lancaster, but did not annhilate the unit holding it. Lancaster had plenty of supply now JJ will head back to friendly territory South. It was tempting to make one more jab. Baltimore looked tasty, but I don't want to push my luck. A little action West of Grafton, WV consisting of a brigade cutting rail and just running some minor interference. Just trying to be a nuisance there. The Laurel Brigade finally appeared and will be assigned to chasing down enemy cavalry in my rear. My forces on the Peninsula will withdraw to Williamsburg and a fort will most likely be built there. I don't have the organization to take Fort Monroe and fight in the swamp terrain there. So just time to sit back and organize. I have a lone cavalry I'm dispatching from Harpers Ferry to cut rail and resupply in Maryland cities with over 50% loyalty. I hope to get a few more rails cut then retreat by water transport.

In KY one of the brigades I dispatched has arrived at Lexington. The other will cut some more rail then make its way towards Lexington. In TN it appears my opponent has landed a force near Forts Henry and Donnelson. Still it is not significant enough to lauch an attack even against my outside blocking force. Additional forces wait in Nashville to respond should they be needed plus a small blocking force in Clarksville, TN. I managed to destroy a small scouting force that landed at Island 10. I managed to hold back a probing force trying to creep down the West side of the Missisippi River. I'm moving even more forces into the other port on the west side of the river too. All in all this theatre is going well.

Price is slowly making his way back towards Springfield where Mculloch awaits with a sizeable force. More on that in the coming turns. I'm not happy that Jefferson City is still in Federal hands, but then again he isn't moving much further South without getting past Springfield. I have one partisan that is going to do a sweeping action destroying rail. Winter will set in harshly here in the coming turns, so I'm sure things will get quiet in the coming turns.

Really wish I could have captured Denver, but two attacks later and the enemy still holds. Sibley is assembling a large force though. Just need to get a good general down there to lead it. Either way Tuscon is in CSA hands and if I can help it then it will remain that way for the rest of the game.

I've assembled a small force and laid siege to Fort Pickens. The Gulf is a minor front so far, but I'm going to rapidly assemble a division to take Fort Pickens down. It should be easy pickings.

I'm making light industrial investments in Texas and West Virginia and 30 investment in rail. Additionally, I did some replacement chits, but forget to tabulate them before closing out the program. I need to be better in updating replacements and reinforcements.

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Sat Nov 06, 2010 1:28 am

Turn 12 Late September 1861

Here is the situation in the East, looks like my opponent might be trying to block JJ from coming home. He has plenty supply so I can outmanuever a blocking force it I can't defeat it. The weather is going to get bad soon anyway. Other than that everything is fairly stable. I'm repairing a few rail lines in the rear as well as moving to get some military control of the regions with rail so I can use the rail link to Grafton. When I put General Jackson in charge of a Corp I might use the rail to assault Pittsburgh or Wheeling if I can do it in one turn. I just want to keep that option out there. My lone cavalry is doing the Delaware/Maryland sweep. I hope to resupply in MD, then leave by water transport. Either way just cut a vital rail link outside of Baltimore.

Polk continues to receive reinforcements, and I have General Hardee on the way to form a division with Polk at Columbus, KY. Mr. Nelson has decided to besiege Forts Henry and Donnelson. He won't take it though. He forced my outside force to retreat with very minimal losses. The battle was a stalemate. General Albert Johnston, henceforth will be call AJ will move in attack posture as well as another large brigade. The MS river is getting reinforced too. If my opponent tries to bypass Island 10, he is going to be receiving a hail of gunfire, so will be destroyed or weak, and have my river fleet to deal with. I am reinforcing the Forest region West of Forts Henry and Donnelson as well. It is good terrain to fight defensively from plus it will provide additional gunfire against ships.

Price and Bohnham will remain in the region North of Springfield to hopefully keep my opponent blind to the massive buildup at Springfield. I've dispatched General Hindman to the area to build a division along with General Mculloch. Plus Hindman increases the chance of raising partisans. Speaking of which my lone partisan continues to be a nuisance destroying rail. Later in the game partisans will be a great game of whack a mole for my opponent.

The Earl has arrived in Tuscon. He will assemble a panzer type force of cavalry to be used in the West or in a lightning attack against Denver.

Fort Picken is still under siege. It won't fall soon, but neither will my forces depart the area. My blockade runners are doing well, bringing in approximately 20 WS or $ any given turn.

Replacements: 2 cavalry and 1 medium artillery
Reinforcements: 3 ironclads in Virginia
Investments: Light industrial in TX, MO, and WV 30 rail points

Need some GS in WV and MO to help support the forces there. All cheap investments, with hopefully some good returns. I'm going to build a harrassing fleet in VA, hence the Ironclads. If my opponent lands at Norfolk, Richmond, or Petersburg that could be a problem. I at least want a fleet that can disrupt landings if not defeat the enemy fleet.

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Sat Nov 06, 2010 2:45 am

Turn 13 Early October 1861

Bad timing on the ironclads, looks like I'll lose two to capture, if I don't do some heavy fighting around Norfolk. Which I do plan to do. Moving forces towards Richmond where they will form a division. Also moving all calvary forces in that direction to contain the beach head. JJ is going to move to Harpers Ferry. He will soon be sent West to take command of an Army there, when Jackson gets his 2nd star.

AJ managed to push Nelson back from Forts Henry and Donnelson with ease. He will remain there where he will form the Army of Tennessee and supporting corps in that area and Nashville. I'm moving two militia to repair the rails at Humboldt that my opponent will obviously cut. My opponent is assembling a force at Bowling Green so I plan to keep the rail links North of there permanently cut.

General Hindman has assembled a full division at Springfield. Price assembled a small division in his area so hopefully my opponent won't be expecting to run into a full division if he pushes through Price. He tried that turn and was pushed back with some moderate casualties. Mculloch has a 6K calvary force which will launch a probing attack in the region West of Rolla. Again, I don't won't my opponent to get visibility on the forces at Springfield.

FI is sitting at a healthy 77. I consider that very good for this early part of the game. Morale is high, as well as a lead in victory points.

NC: single 4xinf 1x6lb art

Saved most of my money and WS for the division I formed. I formed several that turn. Will update on numbers as I get them more assembled.

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Sat Nov 06, 2010 6:26 pm

Turn 14 Late October 1861

First picture is of the Easter Front as always. The action is apparently going to happen around Norfolk. I'm going to keep a small stream of reinforcements heading to defend Northern Virginia, but about 90% of my actions will be applied against Norfolk. Can't let this be a D-Day type landing. Winder is still at Grafton, Beauregard at Manassas, Holmes at Fredricksburg, and JJ at Harpers Ferry. Bee is going to make an attak at Suffolk West of Norfolk. He is inactive still so no division. He will be accompanied by miscellaneous brigades that you can see are converging on the point with him. McGruder and Jackson will detach from JJ and had to Richmond, then to Norfolk. My calvary forces are moving in that direction too, to repair rail and limit any type of breakout. I've got one 4xinf 1x6lb art South of Norfolk. So far Norfolk holds. Within two turns I hope to have 3 full divisions in the area for an assault, led by Jackson, with divisions commanded by Bee and McGruder. I'm sending my fleet from there to hopefully make it safely into Richmond. I'm sending some scattered cavarly to the Strasbourg Depot and using a lone brigade to patrol the rail lines between Grafton and Harpers Ferry trying to rid myself of enemy cavalry along this route.

Finally KY is invaded by the USA. Polk is pushed back by Grant at Columbus, KY. Grant has a force of approximately 16K while I have a force of approximatley 9K in the area, plus scattered units. That is enough to fight a delaying action. Polk will move towards Humboldt to link up with Hardee, whom if he ever activates will form a division. My cavalry unit East of Columbus was also pushed back by enemy cavalry. Nelson withdrew from Forts Henry and Donnelson area, but I got some bombardment in. He is now at Bowling Green. I'm sending AJ in that direction and can hopefully threaten Bowling Green if not take it. Lines North of it are still cut and I'm sending a lone brigade to disrupt his repair of the line. I can resupply at Lexington still so that is good.

Fayetville appears like it will be recieving visitors this turn. It is defended by militia and cavalry. General Hindman's full division will be on full assualt and arrive on day 15. General Watie will conduct a probing attack in the area. Price still holds his position against enemy attacks and will be reinforced by 2 militia. General Mculloch is going to attack Charleston, MO in order to threaten the Cairo Depot and put some pressure on any advance by Grant.

The weather is still good, so the Earl with his 3K cavalry will make an attack against Denver again. He will be followed by 2xmilitia in case the attack succeeds so I can secure the area.

Price is doing well. This was one of the larger battles that round. The other being in Columbus, KY, but since I can only post 5 pics a post I'll try to choose the more interesting ones. Outnumbered two to one, he is holding his own.

Replacements: 1 cav and 1 light artillery
VA: 3 4inf x 6lb x 12lb x cav brigades, 2inf x ss brigade, and 4 columbiads
TN: 2 2inf x 12lb brigades
MS: 3 4inf x 6lb brigades

I intend to hit Norfolk with everything I've got. Its worth not having another front opened in that proximity to enemy reinforcements. It would be a lot easier for my opponent to resupply there than areas deeper in the South. I'm recruiting in MS to slow Grant down should he try to push towards Memphis. The units in TN will just hold the line at Forts Henry and Donnelson. Sometimes not the best idea, but if I can let my opponent slowly build a bulge in the lines then I can sometimes swing around the flanks and shut the door. Grant being a difficult general to do this with though. AJ is going to be concentrated towads Bowling Green for now. I'm banking on the the weather going bad too, so that needs to happen. So far its not happening soon as I would like. So I printed money to build additional forces. I rarely do that, but need the forces.

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Sun Nov 07, 2010 4:21 am

Turn 15 Early November 1861

My forces are going to converge heavily on Norfolk and Suffolk. Jackson and McGruder are headed to the area. Norfolk will have to endure a siege for a bit as I need to send forces South soon. A Federal force has arrived at Wilmington. I'm going to eventually consolidate my fleet too just so I can harrass any forays into my waters between Norfolk and Richmond.

AJ has spied an enemy depot that he is going to make a stab at. Bragg will hold Nashville at all cost. Mculloch will move on Charleston, MS and take it this time around. I'm sure it will force Grant North. Polk is orderd to board transports in the fleet, while I've detached a small militia unit to assault Columbus, KY. I'll probably lose, but might as well see if I can annihilate the two units that are building there.

I'm sending a 10lb artillery to Price to further his defences. He is doing well, might as well reward him. Hindman will go back to Springfield since the situation at Fayetville, AR is contained. General Watie will attempt to round up the rest of the enemy forces.

A CSA naval victory. Well you don't see that too often, but I'll take what I can get.


Price still holding his ground. Three to One casualties too. I can deal with numbers like that.

Other things happening are the siege of Fort Pickens. He is taking hits there, and I hope it costs him some heavy artillery replacement chits. I have forces moving on Denver to. It will be mine soon. Now if I can only find a way to get into California. I doubt it, but maybe something for 1864 if I'm doing good and have the resources.

Replacemtents: 1 cav
NC 2 4xinf 6lb art

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Sun Nov 07, 2010 4:49 am

Turn 16 Late November 1861

Confirmed, Norfolk will have to wait for a moment before the siege gets lifted. I have a full division in its defence with plenty of supply. McGruder and Jackson along with some detatched brigades will head towards Wilmington where the enemy is weaker. I also have brigades headed towards Richmond where Lee has a small force of militia, but 4 columbiads with him. My fleet will head towards Norfolk to regain some cohesion and add two more ironclads to its strength. Admiral Semmes is in charge of the fleet. I'm also using a lot of cavalry to keep my rails open. Its winter so they would not do me much good in the North anyway.


Polk did not board the transport, and my militia assualt at Columbus, KY did not go well. He will either retreat to Island 10 or Humboldt. Right now I have him going towards Island 10 so still debating where to send him. Can't really afford to lose that place. Humboldt not so important. If Grant catches Polk I think his force will take serious damage. AJ's 7K strong force has acquired a depot which will be put to the torch. It seemed like the more tasty target at the time and not much of a fight. Bragg has Nashville secured, so why not jab at my opponents depot. General Mculloch has taken Charleston. Either way all in effect it drew Grant back North, when I had nothing in place to really defend Memphis or Northern, MS.


Watie and his merry band of Indians will attemp to destroy the isolated Federal force. That or winter will do the job for me. Hindman is back in Springfield with his force. Price once again performed well. My opponent can not seem to break through.

Price does a little better than three to one casualties that time. Good, I hope it helps bleed my opponent somewhat.


AJ's victory at the depot. I wonder if supply will get tight for my opponent at Bowling Green? I'm hoping so.


Situation remains fluid in the East. I'm not yet organized good, since having to react to the coastal invasions.

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Sun Nov 07, 2010 6:13 am

Turn 17 Early December 1861

The East, or my Southern Virginia/North Carolina Front. The Federals assualted Wilmington and won the assault. The detached brigades I sent down chose to retreat before engaging. However, McGruder and Jackson delivered a superb defeat to the Federal forces. McGruder earned his second start. He and Jackson will head towards Suffolk where there will be additional units awaiting, to include 4 columbiads. Norfolk is my next target. Should have two divisions, plus the one division under siege to use. Other units in North Carolina will attempt to surround the remaining Federal forces, while one brigade assaults Wilmington.

I decided to let Polk pull back to Island 10. His forces need the protection of the fort and swamp terrain to rebuild. Hardee will head to the region South of Humboldt, TN and should have a full division this coming turn. Mculloch stays put to threaten Cairo. AJ successfully destroyed the depot in KY and escaped South. Buchannan's MS river fleet is withdrawing to Memphis to link up with two Ironclads that are soon to be unlocked, maybe three when the one in Mobile gets unlocked.

Only action out West is the Earl taking an indian village, and I'm moving a detached cavalry force to take the port. I managed to annihilate an enemy cavalry defending the indian village. I need the supply from the port and any place I can get it for my forces there.

I know this has to sting my opponent. If I can corner those remaining forces will be even better. Good thing is that 10 of those destroyed infantry are elites. Hopefully I managed to destroy complete brigades.

Here is a snap shot of Norther and Western Virginia. All queit except for a calvary battle or two. My lone brigade patrolling the rail link between Harpers Ferry and Grafton defeated two enemy brigades in seperate battles. Sending a cavalry to the North of Grafton to cut some more rail.

Replacements: 2 elite inf, 2 inf, and 1 cav
Investments: light industrial in WV, 30 rail, 15 water transport

I should have 3 additional ironclads I built in SC ready next turn to offer my forces some support along the coast. I can forsee some more coastal invasions and a good fleet will help me stall if not repel coastal attacks.

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Sun Nov 07, 2010 7:56 am

Turn 18 Late December 1861

Looks like I might catch and destroy that Federal force near Wilmington. This is great, total loss for the enemy in this area. Lots of movement towards Suffolk in Virginia. Jackson has formed a division. So McGruder and Jackson will possibly be ready to make an attack at Norfolk. I have 3 to 1 advantage so might be time to attack. Plus his fleets are divided, so the four ironclads I'll be bringing up from SC should do some damage to his wooden ships should he try to move along the coast.


Mculloch is going to have to move back before he runs out of supply. Hardee is going to move on Humbolt. Price he is going to stay put. Need to get a general there to form a division. AJ he beat back and attack from Bowling Green and is still holding the ground at Clarksville. Sending one cavalry to retake Gallatin, don't want my enemy to get any extra supply no matter how meager the amount. I'm moving some cavalry South of Nashville to secure the rail lines.

Nothing much to report here, but it looks like supply might be low in Rolla. Price holds his ground. And Hindman waits behind to pounce at any weak point should the weather get better, but that will be a while. I still have my partisan running amuck in the enemies rear. He was a free unit too, so he is earning more than his worth.

Good try Arth, but Mcllelan did not die. I know some generals its best to send on suicide missions and hope they get killed. Maybe this was the case with that attack.

Semmes was not able to break free from Norfolk, but I do suspect he disrupted some enemy reinforcements.

O.k. got some badly needed money and troopers that round. Went with 8% war bonds, exceptional taxes, full draft, and $2K bonus for volunteers. Time to build my replacement pool.

Replacements: 10 inf, 1 light inf, 1 skirmisher, 1 raider, 3 cav, 1 field art, 1 heavy art, 1 supply wagon

Reinforcements: 2HQ's
TX: 2inf 1ss brigade
AL: 2 2inf 6lb cav brigades, 6 cav
TN: 2 4inf 6lb cav brigades
MS: 2 horse art
SC: ironclad

General Forest will be showing up soon, and I want him to form a cavalry division quick before the weather gets good. He is going to be important in making sure my opponent guards every single supply depot and weak area in his supply line.

Norfolk I need to secure quick. I can't deal with that thorn in my side. I was lucky at Wilmington to have defeated his force so soundly. If I'm having to deal with multiple fronts its going to sap my offensive power. Right now though I feel like I can concentrate my forces and hit one point at a time. First Norfolk, then I'm going to push again on the Peninsula.

In the TN and KY areas, I'm holding my own. Grant was forced back North, and no major gains have been made. Nor were any of my forces destroyed with any significance.

In MO, Price is kinda bait. I'm hoping he beats against price weakening a force when I can use Hindman to hit Jefferson City or Rolla. I also need to try to get Mculloch back in the AO.

In the far West Denver and Tuscon are secure. I'm fine with that for the VP, but I still have my eye on Kansas for that conscription point.

Fort Pickens is still something that needs to be dealt with and I'm sending one Alabama brigade to reinforce the siege. But with the action in TN I could not afford the forces needed to assualt the fort.

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Sun Nov 07, 2010 9:16 pm

Turn 19 Early January 1862

O.k. making a jab at Norfolk. I need to work hard to dislodge him from this area before summer arrives. I see no large troop buildups on the Peninsula or in Northern Virginia, so I don't expect any real attacks there. It may take a few assualts, but I'll form another division at Richmond, under General Hoke to join in within a turn or two. In addition I have forces moving to Suffolk still. Don't care, going to get him out of there, because if I don't its going to tie up another three or so divisions to keep him contained, whereas if I can get a fort there I can hold with a brigade or two and use my interior lines to repel attacks. Semmes is going to attempt another breakout to link up with the other Ironclad in Suffolk. The enemy fleet appears very weak at least on cohesion, so with a little luck I'll get through.

In North Carolina things are going well. The remainder of the Federal force will either be engaged or wither away for lack of supply. I'm moving three Ironclads up from SC to attack those wooden ships this turn. Next turn I'll have a 4th Ironclad moving up and stationed at Wilmington.

Mculloch is moving towards Madison, AK to resupply. My units around Island 10 are doing a good job of bombarding the enemy fleet. It is weakend enough I'm send Buchannan to attack the enemy fleet there. Hardee moved on Humboldt, but for some reason he didn't take it. He is active so not sure what is going on there. No matter it will fall this time around I guess, and the woods terrain is a little better to fight in than the clear terrain South of Humboldt. AJ holds his position. Bragg, continues to recieve reinforcements. If he had a full division I would attack Bowling Green as the enemy appears weak there. I transported General Steward to Lexington, KY to form a division. With him there the enemy will have to split his attention between Lexington and Bowling Green.

Nothing new in MO. Price is weakend though. He repelled another attack. I think it would help a lot if I could get some 12lb artillery to the units there, but none to be had that far West, unless I can build some in TX and get them there when the weather clears.


Battle between Price and Lyon. Losses are nearly equal, but I did about 14 hits to the enemy on retreat.


I'm happy with NM, VP, and FI. I still have not embargoed cotton, so might do that in a round or two. I'm just strapped for cash. Need to get my fleet that was in the gulf box back there, but it was taking a beating, though dealing good hits itself. It was sent to Galveston to resupply.


My opponent appears to be matching my moves as far as finances and drafts. Almost every option maxed. He continues to reinforce at Norfolk so this is going to be a pain breaking the siege.

Replacements: 6inf
AL: 2 2inf SS brigades
NC: 11 12lb art
VA: Ironclad

12lb artillery are going to be useful on defense so I need to start strengthening my units with them. Good cost to benefit ratio.

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Mon Nov 08, 2010 5:21 am

Turn 20 Late January 1862

Siege at Norfolk is lifted. With Jackson, McGruder, and Bee's divisions, I was able to bring in enough force to force the enemy to retreat after rather limted fighting. Bee will stay put until I can get a fort built and garrisoned. Jackson and McGruder will travel North to begin operations on the Peninsula. They will be joined by Walkers half formed division. I hope to catch my opponent by suprise and besiege Fort Monroe if not take it. I don't think I'll be up against much more than a half division for the first part. Semmes was not successful again in his breakout attempt, but then I'm not losing ships so that is good. His losses are larger. A few of my generals along with an HQ are taking rail to Nashville where AJ can get the Army of Tennessee formed.


Not sure once again why Humboldt is not mine. Hardee is active and well guessing its a bug of some sort. Polk has a brigade outside Island 10, but the weather is bad and terrain will suck for an enemy attack. My fleet chose not to engage, but I did get some more bombardments in on the enemy fleet. Usually 0 return hits to my units. Off the map Mculloch is inside the Madison, AR depot just recovering cohesion and strength. I'm taking a chance with AJ and Bragg. Both will attack Bowling Green. AJ just beat an attack from Nelson so he should be weak. Mclellan was already weak, but I don't have any intel on their current strengths. However, when he completes building rail to Bowling Green I'm sure reinforcements will start flowing in. I've sent two cavalry to try to disrupt the repair of lines to the North of Bowling Green.


Price is still weak. I'm sending two 10lb artillery to join him. He will have three 10lb artillery and one 6lb artillery. Sending a SS to the East of Springfield to disrupt any intel gathering by Federal forces. Hindman is still concealed I beleive.


AJ beats Nelson.


Jackson and McGruder in the most significant battle to lift the siege of Norfolk.


Replacements: 2inf, 3cav, 1supply wagon
Reinforcements: 3 12lb artillery

Hoping those artillery will spawn in MO. They are the HQ type that can show up anywhere.

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Mon Nov 08, 2010 7:54 am

Turn 21 Early February 1862

A small Federal force has showed up around Richmond, so railing Walker with a full division to join with Lee. McGruder and Jackson will move seperately up the Peninsula. If I get lucky I'll corner that small force or hit the one coming up to meet it. Once I can free Bee's division from Norfolk, I'll have four full divisions to bleed the enemy out on my way to Fort Monroe. I have a lot of rail movement of 12lb artillery moving to joing my units in the North to strengthen the line. They have been receiving little attention, but unless my opponent is concealing a suprise Army somewhere I don't anticipate any large break in my lines. I'm sending another HQ West to Nashville. JJ will probably take charge of an Army to defend Memphis, but will probably build his Army at Nashville and then come crashing into Grants flank.


Mculloch is moving to the defences of Memphis where I have the elite Missouri Brigade in the city. I think it will be enough if Grant tries for it. Hardee threatens his flank either way and will move North to threaten Columbus and Paducah, KY. General Forrest will be assembling his cavalry division, which once again is going to be a menace to my opponents supply lines. Polk is just going to hold at Island 10, as I think that is the best to do with him for now. AJ won a battle at Bowling Green and put the city under siege. Bragg arrived afterwards, but saw no action, thus his division is in very good shape. It will conduct an assault, while AJ sits on defence. My cavalry is disrupting the rail approach to Bowling Green. I think I have this area secure within one turn.


Snapshot of Northern and West Virginia. Nothing going on much here. My patrolling brigade on the rail between Grafton and Harpers Ferry is winning every battle so far. JJ is going West to set up his Army at Nashville. Additional 12lb artillery are moving up to strengthen my defenses in this area. It should serve me well on defence.


Hardee loses to Grant. However, Hardee has a division as well as Mculloch in the area, so this should be enough to keep Grant busy. He left Columbus KY undefended for the most part, but I'm not going to jump at it right now. Grant isn't moving far.


AJ did well. This is fortunate, because my opponent has to stage much further off without holding Bowling Green and its depot.


Replacements: 2 elite inf, 5 inf, 2 field art

70 rail investment

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Mon Nov 08, 2010 12:33 pm

impressive start. Shouldn't you be chasing the Norfolk invasion force to destroy it ? I suppose if you manage to take Ft Monroe it makes a massive difference, since you can sort of blockade the Chesapeake bay.

You are in a very very good position at this stage. The next Cotton embargo si going to be a massive event : you might near 100 FI and who knows, if you trigger it during the winter then the game is quite different !!

Following this avidly.

(as an aside i started a game again yesterday after almost a year without playing... AACW is still the best game I have ever played on a PC...).

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Mon Nov 08, 2010 3:25 pm

Yes very interesting to see how you are being so agressive.
I guess the answer to my question I was going to ask about defending against rail cutting cavalry is your use of a patrolling brigade near grafton and garisonning key points. Do you reckon there is no point trying to pursue with cavalry, wait you did that with the Laurel brigade.
Why do you buy the big brigades rather than small infantry that form a turn quicker and separate cavalry and artillery?

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Tue Nov 09, 2010 1:39 am

I thought about chasing the forces, but weather wasn't good and if I am to take Fort Monroe I have to move as fast as possible. Spring will be here soon and those divisions will be needed in Northern Virginia too. If he gets a division or two into Fort Monroe it will be hard to take, since I can't blockade it by sea. I get one chance to move faster than he can, if I miss it I'll have to settle back into defense on the Peninsula. His force South of Norfolk I'll just keep an eye on. Maybe he will choose another target South, but unless he comes in with two divisions or more, I am confident I can push him back and cause another Wilmington to happen.

If his cavalry are deep in my territory I'll pursue, but if closer to his lines I won't. I don't want my units to follow his cavalry into a much larger force and get killed. So far his raiding has not done me any serious damage, I plan to keep him busy with my raiders anyway. I would rather him be forced to react to my moves than me react to his. I'm getting the big brigades out of the way now because I've got the time to build them. My lines are solid. Plus they can be detached as an independent force if I need to guard an area, but don't need a division, but need more than a 3 regiment unit.

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Thu Nov 11, 2010 4:02 am

Turn 22 Late February 1862

Jackson is going to move towards Fort Monroe, but I'm afraid it will be reinforced by the time he makes it. I just don't think a siege there will be successful without taking to many resources and being able to blockade by sea. I'm building a fort a Norfolk this turn, so that should cause a little pain for his ships coming through the channel. Semmes is going to attempt another breakout, but probably won't make it. Wish I could bring that other Ironclad at Suffolk into play, but I don't want to chance it moving alone. Smith will move to the region Northwest of Manassas and start digging in while forming a full division with General Ewell commanding. Sending a lone cavalry to reclaim Edenton, NC. Also have the one cavalry in Delaware doing some raiding. As long as he leaves towns in Maryland ungarrisoned I can get resupply.


Bragg and AJ are sitting firm at Bowling Green. Bragg is getting his promotion to 2 star general. Forrest at Forts Henry and Donnelson will continue to build his division. Hardee is in a good position, with weather and terrain to help on defense. Mculloch is good at Memphis having been reinfored with the Missouri elite brigade to supplement his cavalry. Other forces are marshalling at Nashville. Grant will do good to withdraw North. I don't see him moving deeper becasue of the weather and threats to his supply lines.


AJ making me proud.


Replacements: 2 cav
VA: 2 ironclad, 1 gunboat

I've got to get a navy that can do a little more damage. I think with some creative use of shore bombardments to weaken his fleet and a swift attack here and there I can sink more of his ships. At the very least it will just keep my opponent wary of beach landings with a CSA fleet that can disrupt supply or landings themselves.

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Thu Nov 11, 2010 5:32 am

Turn 23 Early March 1862

Fort Monroe will just have to be saved for another day. I'll have to take it by suprise or have a naval force that can blockade. Jackson is pulling back to Williamsburg. I think its time for that fort, so got some light artillery and supply wagons recruiting to build it. The campaign season in Northern Virginia will start soon, and I'll need the manpower there. I'm sending one of my generals from Manassas to Harpers Ferry to take charge of Longstreet's division so I can use him as a corp commander. You will also notice my special forces cavalry still romping around in the enemy's rear. Oh and he left another MD, town ungarrisoned so I'm going to try to resupply there. Also Stuart will be receiving a lot of cavalry at Manassas to form a division, much like Forrest in TN.

Stuart has about 5K men in KY. Enough for the enemy to have to worry about, being close to Cincinatti. I'm sending cavalry North to cut rail. Earlier my cavalry dispatched an enemy unit.


My MS Fleet under Buchannan is going to make another jab at the enemy. Intel shows him as weak so I might sink something this time. Grant as predicted moved back North. I think I'm in an o.k. position, though I would like to have an Army in front of Grant, he can't ignore the two I have forming in TN. JJ formed the Army of TN this turn. AJ will form his Army next turn.


Jackson triumphant.


Semmes not so triumphant, though he isn't losing ships.


Replacements: 3 cav, 1 light art, 2 field art
KY: 3 2inf 12lb art brigades
SC: 4 6lb art
VA: 1 Supply Wagon

Some units in KY will go to Stuart. The artillery and supply wagon will be used to construct a fort in Virginia.

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Fri Nov 12, 2010 1:54 am

Turn 24 Late March 1862

I'm going to leave one division in Williamsburg and pull Jackson and Mcgruder back soon. They both need to command corps. A fort will be built at Williamsburg soon as well protecting that avenue of approach to Richmond. I am moving Bee's division back to Petersburg, one to protect the area should my opponent try to land there. He could with the fleet he has. Bee will also be in a position to respond to attacks quickly in NC and SC while being off the radar to my opponent. I'm debating on sending Smith's corp to Leesburg region, mainly for MTSG benefit, but going to wait one turn to see what moves the enemy makes.


AJ is moving West and will be Grants nemesis. If he can't handle Grant I will send Lee there to deal with him. JJ will move to Bowling Green to start forming the Army of the TN with corps. Stewarts is holding strong in Lexington, KY. My opponent really needs to clear me out of there unless he wants to tie up forces to contain me. If I lose the area, I'll just retreat slowly through Clarksburg and then cause some trouble from there.
My MS river fleet is moving back to Memphis after a successful sortie. One cavalry unit will move to retake Humbolt, TN. Three cavarly units grouped together will continue to disrupt the railroad approaches to Bowling Green.


It looks like my opponent was going to attack Price, but his Army retreated before the battle. Price is in a good position, but he is not receiving men very well. Still have some units in the red there.


Buchanan did good considering the enemy had 13 ironclads. I seriously need to think about getting a few more ironclads myself in this area. Thankfully shore bombardments will soften his fleet up if he moves anywhere past Island 10.


Steward did well. I was a little worried since there were two brigades forming in Lexington, but they are safe, and can join with Stewart to fully form a division. Now he will be hard to dislodge, with 4 12lb artillery. Should do well on defense.


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