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TEAW: The Machine Gun War.

Sat Jan 26, 2019 7:49 pm

Greetings Gentlemen.
The conclusion of the current multi-player per faction AAR game is at hand, and we are about to start a new game. Check out the old game here.

This specific game is another take on the PBEM Multiplayer aspect, it is a Co-Operative Mutiplayer PBEM game with a heavy emphasis on AAR's.
Instead of three players: Western Entente, Eastern Entente, and Central Powers, we are starting a game in which we split up the respective sides further, and reporting and coordinating our strategies on the forums as needed.

Each nation will be independently represented. For example: instead Central Powers played by one player. We split it up:

and whomever else decides to jump on the Kaiserwaggon.

We are starting a new game, and we are looking for additional players to join!

But there is an important requirement I will say right up front. I expect every player who joins to actively participate in contributing to a Faction AAR, and that the Faction AAR will be hosted on the Paradox Interactive Forums.

Requirements to Play

Unfortunately, this is a game that is pretty difficult to learn. I have almost 300 hours in the game and I would still I think I am only moderately experienced.

1. The primary requirement is that each and every player needs to actively participate in a Faction AAR. This means they need to post frequently, almost every turn, in a co-op faction AAR I will create here on the Paradox Forums. [/list]

2. The players, especially the main leaders of the factions: Germany, France and Russia need to be experienced. The players will be the most experienced players I can find. Hopefully 200 hours or better. Additionally they should have experience playing PBEMs, playing against AI is quite different then against a human player (though its not bad). The smaller the nations don't need to be as experienced.

3. Don't cheat. Don't run the turn unless you are the host, and then only to process the turn for everyone.

4. Writing an AAR is a very public thing to do, and you need to be okay with the idea of not being able to win the game. You gotta be okay with the idea of not winning, and also being aware that your slide into defeat may be publicized by you or your opponents. So take it like a game, it is not a big deal if bad things happen. Be aware that not doing well in the game is not a measure of your intellect.

5. Be able to do more then one turn a week and likely no more then three. Be prepared to commit a good bit of time into the game. Be prepared to spend six months, two turns a week on this game, 2-4 hours a week between the game and the AAR.

6. The AAR will be on the Paradox Forums, so you need a username to access this. The forums there are more user friendly, layout is nicer, and a larger audience is present.

The Game Lobby is set up here:

If you feel up to the task and want to participate, please make yourself known there. Positions are getting pretty full, but I want the best players I can find that meet the criteria.

Thank you.

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