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Players Needed for: TEAW - Multiplayer Game & AAR

Tue Dec 04, 2018 7:46 pm

Greetings Ageoders,

Since the 100 year mark of the end of The Great War on November 11, I've dusted off this excellent game and been happily playing. It brings back memories of previous PBEM's I have been part of, and some of the AAR's I have written or read, being present when a story unfolds and caught in the clash of minds.

I've spent this week re-reading many of the AAR's on Ageod & Paradox Forums and really enjoyed the experience. I think it would be fun to have another go. But TEAW is a massive game, so ideally I would like to split up the sides into each major nation played by a player. But failing that, a standard three person game would suffice.

    Primary Goal; To have players who are interested in participating in a good and engaging AAR in good times and in bad. This for me, trumps skill at playing the game, I don't care if it means i'm on the losing side as long as we lose with style.
    To have somewhat competent players who understand the mechanics of the Ageod Engine. This means that they should have a game under their belts, and a game that has at least reached 1916.
    To do two to four turns a week. Depending on the amount of players.
    Who wont cheat by viewing the savegames of others, or running the turn privately to see the outcome of battles.
    But also to have fun, enjoy oneself, and be prepared to commit to a long game.

Playable Nations:

    Central Powers

    Germany Empire -
    Austria-Hungary -
    Ottoman Empire -

    Western Entente

    France -
    British Empire -
    Italy -

    Eastern Entente

    Russia -
I want to see what the roster looks like for players, and what level of experience people have before I choose a nation I will play.

Cheers all!
I hope we can get an interesting game going.

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