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To End All Wars - Looking for Entente players for multiplayer-game

Thu Mar 03, 2016 3:37 pm

Looking for Western and/or Eastern Entente Player for a 3-player (I'd also do 2 player if it's more suitable) Grand Campaign 1914 game with warplans.
I live in CET but I'm rather flexible, many days I could also play in the morning or at night.
If possible I'd like to play long sessions (several hours), but I'm also down with something like 1 turn per day.
Would be convenient if you have Steam since I'm always online in Steam and that way we could just send each other a chat message if we are both online to spontaneously start/continue a session when we have time (I think that would make such a session much more realistic to happen).
Send me PM if interested.

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