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[TEAW] Looking for the CP substitute player

Sat Nov 07, 2015 9:55 pm

Hello, gentlemen,

Me and Ace playing WE and EE looking for the CP player to substitute our opponent with whom we have lost contact. Please be noted that we are looking for the player who could proceed 1 turn/day on average.
What is good to be a substitute player :
1) You have a warranty that you got opponent who are fully committed to PBEM.
2) You got up and running war economy on your hand, all the fun is just waiting you ahead.
3) The front is stable and war outcome is not decided yet, but you start at 1915, so all the shiny toys and war options are just coming up. (details below)

Game details :

It is late April of 1915. Even I don't know the situation from the CP perspective, below is how I see it.

West front : CP did not envade Belgium. The front was completely silent till February of 1915, after that WE went on offence which ended with 2 sectors taken, but the front is still stable.
Serbia : Belgrade is taken, Serbian army is retreating.
Eastern front : There were a lot of fighting, but in general the front is stable.
Romania : Joined CP a few turns ago.
Turkey : Still neural but will join CP within a few months.
Italia : 50/50 alignment. It took more than one year till it join either side.
Atlantic blockade : Level 1.
Mediterranean blockade : No blockade.

To summarize, the war outcome is not clear at all, everything has just started.

In case you are interested, please send me a PM together with your mail address and I will add you to our dropbox so you could check the CP side in details and decide if you join in or not.

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