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Submiting New Generals

Mon Feb 12, 2007 11:22 pm

Please feel free to propose new generals, the most important will be directly included, others might be late:

Provide us with:

- Full name, nickname if any
- Achievements, battles fought, units commanded
- Wikipedia or other sources
- A rating proposition
- A picture (important)


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James W. Starnes
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Sat Aug 20, 2016 5:04 am

Full Name: James Wellborn Starnes

- Graduated from the Jefferson Seminary Medical School (now known as "University of Louisville")

- Served as assistant surgeon in the 1st TN Infantry during the Mexican - American war.

- Had 5 children

- Rose a company of cavalry in Williamson County, TN.

- Later promoted to Colonel of the 4th Tennessee Cavalry, CSA

- By 1863, he was commander of the 2nd Tennessee Cavalry Brigade in Forrest's cavalry, and led it in action in Forrest's Brentwood Raid, in the fights around Franklin and the successful pursuit of Streight's raiders in Alabama.

- During the Tullahoma Campaign, on June 28, 1863, he was mortally wounded by a sharpshooter at Bodo's Crossroads, located between Tullahoma and Manchester.

- His obituary in the Chattanooga Daily Rebel stated in part: "Many of his exploits are wholly unrecorded and numbers of them forgotten amid the confused turmoil of war, and its crowded canvass of events. After the most useful career as an independent commander, Col. Starnes was attached to the regular cavalry service, and gained a rare, though not noisy reputation in the service for courage, reliability and skill. Personally he was a man of unblemished character as a Christian and citizen. His manners were quiet and reserved, but respectful and kind. He was in the prime of life, and the vigor of experience. The tears of a bereaved family and the sorrow of a devoted band of comrades follow him to an early but hallowed grave. All honor his name."





4< (Cavalry commander, Competent at the very least, under Forrest) 3< (Reliable and achieving raider, colonel in command of a brigade) 2 (Not much said on defense, so ordinary defense)


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