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AACW - Annoying 20 character limit when renaming unit stacks

Sun Jan 03, 2016 8:09 pm

Hello there,

I've been wondering if there is any solution out there to remove/fix/up the very annoying 20 character limit when renaming unit stacks?

Let me explain what I mean: Usually it is very helpful to rename stacks in order to be able to keep better track of them (though there are doubtlessly other reasons). So using the "ALT" key in combination with a left-mouse-click on any unit stack brings up the "Rename your force" box, where one can rename one's stack. BUT currently one seems to be limited to names that have a maximum of 20 characters! So a Confederate Division lead by General Longstreet can not be renamed to "Longstreet's Division", because it is composed of 21 characters!

The renaming field of the "Rename your force" box is a LOT longer than the 20 character limit and would be able to accommodate longer names with ease.

A second point is that somehow the apostrophe still seems to be unavailable to us when renaming units.


That said I have found a "temporary fix" to get one's longer names into the game, but it is only a workaround and thus less than elegant and a tad cumbersome. Here's how to do it: [INDENT]0) you have a unit you desperately want to rename, using more than 20 characters and include an apostrophe in the name
1) go ahead and rename the unit stack (using ALT + left mouse-click) to something like "CHANGETHISNOW" (or something similarly easy to find)
2) save your game
3) exit AACW
4) browse to and open the "ACW" game folder
5) look for and open the folder called "SAVES" where you should find a folder with the name of the saved game
6) you will see several files in there ending in ".hst", ".ord" and ".trn"
7) open each one of the files using Notepad and search for "CHANGETHISNOW" and change it to whatever you want, then save the file (make the very same changes in the other files as well)
8) restart AACW and open the saved game
9) enjoy the name you game the unit[/INDENT]

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