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Accumulated decadence in a region

Sun Oct 06, 2019 9:27 pm

Am I reading the manual and the tooltips correct on this?
When the programme calculates your decadence score for determining the CDR it doesn't use the value that is shown for each region. The one at the top of the region panel where it shows how much is from buildings, age, and removed each turn. This accumulated regional decadence is not used to determine your CDR?
Is this correct?
When you look at the tooltip on the nation panel for the decadence it looks like you get a set value for age, size etc. There is one line for structures, but the figure in this doesn't appear to pay any resemblance to either figure shown in the ledger on the Regions (Population) page.
For example in my Rome game at the moment I am getting 166 decadence from structures for the CDR calculation. This is way higher than the total generated by my structures according to the regions page, and no where near high enough to be the total accumulated decadence of all my regions.......
Can anybody shed any light on what figures are used? How is the 166 arrived at?
Surely the accumulated decadence figure for each region should be the main factor involved. It already includes all pluses and minuses from the structures as well as a figure for nation size. All that neads adding is one for nation age.
At present it looks like the accumulated decadence figure for the region is not used for anything.
Does it have any relevance? Does it matter how high this goes? I haven't seen anything in the manual to say about this....
Or have I missed it :blink: :cool:

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Re: Accumulated decadence in a region

Tue Oct 08, 2019 8:13 am

It is used, there is no other one.

Probably what is misleading is that the decadence value at the region level factors decadence from structures plus decadence from size.

Decadence = sum of decadence in regions (which is from structures and size of nation) x (1.00 +3% per govt age) x various modifiers (rulers etc.)

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