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Field of Glory: Empires Developer Diary Archives

Tue Mar 05, 2019 2:17 pm

We are planning to do a fair bit more of these diaries explaining the many details in the game, so I thought I would reorganise them into an archive thread.

The latest diary will always be pinned to the top on its own, but the previous ones will be listed here, so as to not clutter our precious pinned threads:

Developer Diary #1 - The Overview

Developer Diary #2 - Regions, Population, Loyalty

Developer Diary #3 - Buildings

Developer Diary #4 - Commerce and Trading

Dev Diary #5 - Governments and Rulers

Dev Diary #6 - Culture and Decadence

Dev Diary #7 - Provinces

Dev Diary #8 - Legacy

Dev Diary #9 - Battle System

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