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money and resources

Wed Apr 17, 2019 7:58 pm

I have just bought ECW and have tried to play it several times but each time face the same problem [as the parliamentary player]. There is never enough money to create new units even though more than half of the country, including many of the main towns, have declared for Parliament. On screen, often the money symbol either shows nothing at all or a number too low to create units. However, if I hover the mouse over the symbol it tells me, for instance, Hundred pounds (16+8); variation during past turn: Initial amount 100; changes from cities income 4; changes from maintenance -8; changes from events and strategic decisions 0; Final amount 16. I don't understand this - surely if I start with 100+4-8+0=96 not 16. There seems to be something seriously wrong and AGEOD support is being extremely unhelpful.
That's not the only problem but easily the biggest one. Can anyone help please?

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