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Minimap & Strategic map Mods

Sat Dec 25, 2021 6:42 pm

Here is the mod with the help of Bohemond, andrzej and of course Pocus.

Vanilla game.


With both new modded pics.


And the files. Three for each. The original and 2 modded versions, one darker than the other, the ones showed in the pics are the darker.

Minimap.png goes to and should replace vanilla pic

\English Civil War\ECW\Graphics\FrontEnd\GUIBottomLeft

And Warmap2.png to

\English Civil War\ECW\Graphics\FrontEnd\GUIWarmap

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Re: Minimap & Strategic map Mods

Mon Mar 07, 2022 8:38 am

Thanks for sharing dude , this helps me a alot

charter panorama

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