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Morale Reduced System Making It Almost Impossible to Win as Sweden?

Wed Nov 07, 2018 1:26 am

I had a game recently where I held all objective cities and defeated Saxony and overran all of Norway, and yet never officially won the game when I took all the objective cities since Swedish morale was "reduced to balance the game". Is there anything I'm missing out on here? :confused: Is it even possible with this system to win officially as Sweden by depleting enemy morale or increasing your own before the game ends in 1716? Just curious.

And by "winning officially" I mean the usual "you won a glorious victory" message that seems to be the good AGEOD standard mark of measuring victory. :)

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Re: Morale Reduced System Making It Almost Impossible to Win as Sweden?

Sun Nov 11, 2018 2:53 am

Well, as you probably already know, since you know how tough it is to get a glorious victory in any AGEOD game; the victory conditions are a tradeoff between game balancing and tallying up victories. In pbem, game balancing is a godsend to the weaker faction player. In solo play against the computer it is not so fun, but remember it adds to the challenge.
To win in the circumstance you describe, win more quickly with more enemy losses as you win all objective cities.

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