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Reform Issues

Fri Sep 21, 2018 10:42 pm

Hey all,

I'm playing the 1701 Spanish Succession Campaign as the French, and I am having some issues activating Decrees. In particular two, 'Torys in Parliament' and the one that ends that war -- the name escapes me right now. It is only 1706, but I hold Vienna, Anti-Bourbon sentiment is negative, and my morale is 120 vs 70 ish. For all intents and purposes I should be able to choose either event since I meet the requirement, but I cannot. Any ideas? Are there hidden requirement, or events I have to pick first? I won the fight for the Netherlands, North Italy, Hungary, and Bavaria. Linked my Italian armies up with the Bavarian's and drove on Vienna from the west, while the Hungarians pushed from the East. I hold most major cities, Amsterdam, Vienna, Lisbon, etc. I have been falling victim to continuous naval invasions in the Med though. The British hold half of Sicily and the cities of Napoli, Barcelona, Vallencia -- but that problem is about to be swept away because I finished annihilating the Portuguese.

If this has any bearing on anything I am playing on Lieutenant, with Aggressive AI turned up, and Historical attrition for both sides.

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