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Polishing Polish

Sun Feb 04, 2018 5:25 pm

I am really enjoying great game.
just a detail with some polish transtiations which i know is a problem as polish is not easy with all that szczawszy (szczawszy being actual word - very bad one )


There is a spelling mistake in word - Ffizylierow

you should just use one F

so the the corect spelling would be

Fizylierow - which is an adjectvite

proper description of a regiment would be

1 Fizylierów


You guys decided to use word Pułk - which is great - one can use word regiment as well ( as they did it historicaly)

But with the numeration - you gave number and then -TY - which does not work universaly as sometimes it is TY and sometimes it is just Y

why dont you use just 22 Pułk ? it is good enough.

if you want to add flavour you can use expresion

22 Pułk Cudzoziemskiego Autoramentu

( commonwelath armies were divided in to Polski and Zagraniczny Autorament - meaning polish or foreign organisation - with polish - mainly cavalerry and light infrantry and forein - traditiona infrantry)

You can as well give historical names to the units, but army back then was one big mess and was reorginized in 1717

but that a lot of changes - i would just say that skipping TY after number would do good


To show a quality chenge of the army - which came with introduction of Saxon training one can use word Pułk for regular infantry and word Regiment for Fizylier

to sum it up:

Regular infantry:

1 Pułk Piechoty
2 Pułk Piechoty
3 Pułk Piechoty


1 Regiment Fizylierow
2 Regiment Fizylierow
3 Regiment Fizylierow

and so on


I noticed that i the beggining of game Grenadier Guards Commonwelth units are named - Ochroniarz - but this is a very exact translation of the word Body Guard

It actualy means a very personal security person. Mostly you use it do describe a person standing at the dors of the nightclub.

Proper name ( historical one ) would be - Gwardia Piesza ( Foot Guards)

in fact there was number of regimnts of guard:

Gwardia Piesza Koronna ( for polish part of commonwelath)
Gwardia Piesza Litewska ( for lithuanian part)

anyway - just a few suggestions - game is great.

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Re: Polishing Polish

Sun Feb 04, 2018 11:37 pm

Nice pun.

There is a road sign on one of the main roads out of London (A40) - "Polish War Memorial" - I'm glad it is cleaned.

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Re: Polishing Polish

Mon Feb 05, 2018 8:27 am

Good piece of info. I guess it could be entered in the next patch

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Re: Polishing Polish

Tue Feb 06, 2018 11:19 am

Taillebois wrote:Nice pun.

There is a road sign on one of the main roads out of London (A40) - "Polish War Memorial" - I'm glad it is cleaned.

Surely those were later polish troops :hat:

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