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Wed Oct 26, 2016 3:25 pm

A Take it Easy approach of Wars of Successions, Ageod’s future release

End of 2016, Ageod will release a new title, ‘Wars of Successions’. While the scope of the game is huge, playing it will be simple and more accessible than previous grand strategy titles of the brand.

The game goes back to the basic rules that made Ageod initial successes. Here a short recap!

Streamlined Supply
The first key change compared to previous recent titles is the return of the ‘simple supply mode’ that has been popular with players. Basically, regions supply food, in limited quantities (and diminishing if pillaged). All the rest must be physically carried in wagons. No abstract supply network and line of depots, it was not in the spirit of the age. Depots are just that, accumulated stockpiles that are waiting where they are and will replenish physically only those wagons presents.

Players will thus need to manually manage their supplies, but that won’t be an issue because of low density of units (see next).

Low Density
The wars covered were huge, but, compared to more recent conflicts or those in the age of Revolutions, the troop density is rather low. A few armies, with a few regiments, and only key prominent leaders to lead them. Garrisons will either be permanent or popup when needed, no special care is required there.

As a player, you won’t feel overwhelmed by the mass of troops or lost over dozens and dozens of stacks, despite the massive strategic scope at your disposal.

Straight Command
As mentioned previously, few troops and leaders allow to call for a simplified command structure and chain, as in our earlier titles. No need to form divisions and brigades and check for GHQ and HQs. The top brass leader will command the stack he is on, that’s it. A few limited number of other commanders will give a little extra command capacity, and you shall need only to decide where to send them.

Few leaders, few troops, but critical choices to appoint the rare officers.

Straightforward Diplomacy
No complex treaties or diplomatic relationships. You’ll be part of an alliance and everyone else will either be unconcerned (neutral) or at war with you. Diplomatic issues and opportunities are simply handled by options, with a basic trade-off between gain of new forces and the impact of it on your foe.

Two wars, two big alliances in each, and an event flow that will make neutrals join, leave or change side according to your decisions and potential successes or failures on the battlefield.

Standard Economics and limited pool of units.
Basically, Kings need men, gold and guns. And that is all you will need to care about. No other assets are required, to buy a simple and limited pool of units. There is variation, but restricted to three or four types per gender, sometimes less (e.g. 5 infantries, 3 cavalries, 1 militia, 1 gun).

Overall, your real choice is where to raise the regiments for the next campaign season, and pray that you won’t need too many elsewhere.

Balance of Power

Each side has the potential to have more or less the same balance of forces. No one has the super army – poor fleet or super fleet – small army restriction. The Bourbons (France and Spain) can really play an interesting naval game, while the Grand Alliance can rely both on the maritime powers navies and the Habsburg armies. And in the East, the war is mostly on land, so who care about a fleet there (the King/Czar does anyway, so you still will see ships there…).

You really have a balanced struggle of alliances to lead, and it is not clear from start who will prevail in the end, as chances are rather equal.

Simple and fun
Finally, the choices made to concentrate on easy to grasp concepts puts the strategic analysis back to the forefront of gameplay. With 4 players representing the 4 alliances at war, the game offers a real and deep challenge.

Stay tuned! Get more information about the game from its official product page!

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