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Invasion of Moscow area

Mon Jun 13, 2022 6:00 pm

The first time a Swedish stack entered the Moscow region, I got messages that 500,000 rubles were added to homeland defense and that 300 conscript companies were added. In reality only 300 thousand pounds were added, but on the flip side I got 500 companies. Though, I played as Sweden, so why do I get these messages and resources?

A few turns later I had lifted the siege of Moscow due to winter weather, but still controlled two regions in the Moscow area. Then I again got events intended for Russia/ASW:
- 500,000 rubles added for homeland defense (but actually 300 was added, like before)
- 300 conscripts added (but actually got 500, like before)
- “Cossacks from the Don, the Volga and the Ural arrive in Russia” (click to center on Rostov)
- “Cossacks from the Don, the Volga and the Ural arrive in Russia” (click to center on Pskov)
- “Invasion still ongoing: new decisions added” (I don’t remember how many of each decision I had before, so can’t tell whether I got any)

I loaded the game as Peter to see if the same events happened to Russia/ASW, but no, only for Sweden.
Furthermore, no Cossacks had arrived in Rostov despite the text for the Sweden event (nor in Pskov, but that’s controlled by Sweden, so not sure why the event would want to place any cossacks there anyway…)
In conclusion, the event for the invasion of Russia (Moscow) seems to be bugged and triggers for Sweden instead of Russia…

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