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Grand Alliance basic strategy

Wed Jan 06, 2021 3:33 pm

Just wondering if anyone had a basic strategy to follow as the GA in the grand campaign. I've played lots of other AGEOD games, so I'm familiar with the nuts and bolts. After a few attempts (against Athena only, no PBEM), I'm wondering:

1) How strongly do you push into Italy? I don't know if I should commit additional resources here or kind of "hold" with Eugene's army around the Alps.
2) Should I hunker-down along the Rhine when those armies unlock? Typically, is it better to space out and defend, concentrate and counter-attack, or what?
3) I've been taking any decision I can to increase anti-Bourbon sentiment. I'm guessing I'll be on the back foot until the Netherlands and England join
4) Do you typically do many new builds early on? I ask because I've been spending a lot on replacement chits, but I'm not sure what's optimal.

I'm enjoying the game so far; there's a lack of AARs, so I'm not sure on the contours of strategy yet. Any input is appreciated!


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Re: Grand Alliance basic strategy

Sun Feb 14, 2021 11:38 pm

Hi Bargus - I know you posted this series of questions some time ago; so though by far not an expert player of this game, I do have a few thoughts.
This is a game about attrition. The number one goal is to keep your army alive and functioning.

As in all AGEOD games the Objectives should guide you. Select an Objective City and center this year's campaign in taking that city.
Because this is a game of coalitions, isolating a faction and defeating it, if possible, is a good idea.

You have laid out some good thoughts about plans. So I would put your #1 and #2 under how well they would support taking your key Objective City.

#3 - Yes, but you are not weak. If your plan is to wait for England and the Netherlands, where do you want your army when they arrive; close to cooperate or distant to force your opponent to separate or lose critical territory.

#4 - I rarely build anything except replacements, except for supply wagons.

That said, this game challenges me more than any other AGEOD game. One way I began to gain some progress was to pick a singular objective city each campaigning season.

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Re: Grand Alliance basic strategy

Tue Feb 16, 2021 3:43 pm

Thanks, Durk! Picking an objective and building towards it is very sound strategy; in any Ageod game, really. Thanks for the help! :)

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