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Grand Alliance basic strategy

Wed Jan 06, 2021 3:33 pm

Just wondering if anyone had a basic strategy to follow as the GA in the grand campaign. I've played lots of other AGEOD games, so I'm familiar with the nuts and bolts. After a few attempts (against Athena only, no PBEM), I'm wondering:

1) How strongly do you push into Italy? I don't know if I should commit additional resources here or kind of "hold" with Eugene's army around the Alps.
2) Should I hunker-down along the Rhine when those armies unlock? Typically, is it better to space out and defend, concentrate and counter-attack, or what?
3) I've been taking any decision I can to increase anti-Bourbon sentiment. I'm guessing I'll be on the back foot until the Netherlands and England join
4) Do you typically do many new builds early on? I ask because I've been spending a lot on replacement chits, but I'm not sure what's optimal.

I'm enjoying the game so far; there's a lack of AARs, so I'm not sure on the contours of strategy yet. Any input is appreciated!


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