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Constant crashes, until irrecoverable

Fri Dec 01, 2023 10:17 pm

There is a serious problem in the code of this game. Crashes that happen every four to five turns - but which you can play on by exiting and re-playing - become eventually a permanent crash on every turn of play. Played through the game three times. It's disheartening. You just really get into it and blam. The permanent crash happens between 12-35 turns. I logged it, pen and paper. The first recoverable crash happens about 4 turns in.

I love AGEOD's concept. Best games ever. Civil War 2 had me enthralled for months. Wars in America rocks (but it crashes, too). The research, the vision, I'm in awe.. Amazing, really. I want to meet and talk to these people making this game because they would be so much fun to talk to.

But, you have to fix these problems if you want people like me to keep buying your games. You can't just count on techno savvy fans to solve the problems with 'beta patches'. By the way, I'm not sending an error log or saved game or any shit like that. You've got a thousand error logs and saved games from people who really want to play your games.

Fix it, bro. Love ya all.


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Re: Constant crashes, until irrecoverable

Thu Dec 14, 2023 10:11 am

Sorry, but the old AGEOD game, pre-2018 are in legacy mode, i.e. they won't (or even can't) be patched further. The price factors that more or less.

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