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“All quiet on the western front’’ - (multiplayer game / after action report series)

Sat Feb 07, 2015 9:12 am

[color="#008000"]“All quiet on the western front’’[/color] (multiplayer game / after action report series)

Under construction..

[color="#A9A9A9"](Germany) has the strongest army in the world and the Germans don't like being laughed at and are looking for somebody on whom to vent their temper and use their strength...Now it is 38 years since Germany had her last war, and she is very strong and very restless, like a person whose boots are too small for him. I don't think there will be war at present, but it will be difficult to keep the peace of Europe for another five years.
[color="#0000FF"]Kaiser Wilhelm II , 1909[/color].

This is a PBEM game between[color="#008000"] Sfiggokolarius [/color]( as CP ) against [color="#008000"]Dominic[/color] ( as EA ) and[color="#008000"] Dennes[/color] ( as WE ).
In these AAR series is described the Central Power’s perspective during WW1.

The year is 1914 , outbreak of an enormous fire inside European Continent and the flames are touching the rest of the world...

[color="#696969"]Turn 1-4

During the previous month reinforcements and reorganization of German army occurred in east and west under the guidance of The Oberste Heeresleitung or OHL (Supreme Army Command).
By following the [color="#008000"]Kronprinz[/color] Plan ( balance defense on both fronts ) Kaiser Wilhelm II took a great risk because Central Powers lost -5% of initial 100% National Morale ( NM ) + another -2% morale because there was a promotion of a skilled officer to army general to reinforce the eastern front  the NM for CP is 93 ( +1 NM by a victorious battle ) --> [color="#0000CD"]final NM 94[/color] after 4 turns.

under construction

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Tue Feb 24, 2015 2:25 pm

When can we expect an update?

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