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Raids & Emergency Militia

Thu Aug 04, 2016 12:15 am

I'd like to voice my concerns about how the Emergency Militia events are handled in the game.

The Emergency Militia events are a set of events for both factions. The first time a 'raid' is conducted into a state, an opposition reactionary force will be created to oppose the raid. Typically this will create a force of 1-3 cavalry, though it varies by state.

My primary concern is how these events are triggered. I feel these events have a much too narrow definition of what a 'raid' is.

According to the events, a 'raid' is the presence of loose cavalry units. That is it.
-Partisans do not count.
-Rangers do not count.
-Quantrill and his bushwhackers do not count
-Divisions do not count (If Forrest with a full division of cavalry marches from Cairo, IL, to Detroit, MI, he will not trigger a single reactionary force! The same goes for Sheridan in the heart of dixie.)

In my experience, once divisions can be formed these events fail to create reactionary forces. More often than not, the reactionary forces are created in response to loose cavalry scouts, but not in response to real raids of massed cavalry in division formations, nor do they respond to pillaging, rail-breaking partisans. That strikes me as backwards.

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Fri Aug 05, 2016 2:59 pm

Yes, these events can certainly be approved. We are always willing to take a look at volunteer work and they can be made official, if done right. But we can't spend much time on CW2 right now unless a major bug surfaces.

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Sat Aug 06, 2016 5:36 am

Pocus, thanks for the feedback. 'Tis great to hear from the devs that volunteer work can be made official.

This topic could be improved by the community fairly easily, I think.

Anyone have any suggestions on what should or should not trigger reactionary forces? Might the different sides have different tolerances or some such?

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Mon Aug 08, 2016 2:58 am

It would not be hard to change the conditions .. could use something like the Robert E Lee release conditions

MinDate = 1862/01/01
SelectSubUnits = Area $Close_to_Richmond;Families $famElite $famLine $famLightInf $famSkirmisher $famMilitia $famCavalry $famHvyCavalry $famLightArty $famMedArty $famHvyArty;FactionTags USA
EvalSubUnitCount = >=;40

The bigger question is what the emergency response should look like as these are permanent units that are created, I am not a fan of the current free cavalry units!

If you look at it historically you have a few precedents ranging from

Town Militia companies during some of the smaller CSA cavalry raids

Militia regiments from the big towns during division sized raids such as Morgan's Ohio raid and Forrests raids

State Militia called out during the invasions of various southern states like Arkansas

25,000 to 50,000 Militia called out during Lee's 1863 invasion of Pennsylvania

But all of these were temporary, a few days to 3 months.

The first 2 examples may be manageable by garrison units similar to those created at forts which disappear once the threat is gone. The bigger call outs perhaps should be managed by player recruitment.

I tend to look at there being 2 types of militia

1. Town/city militia - personal arms, company sized, no uniforms, available while a local threat is present to defend homes etc - mustered for a day or 2 at most
2. State Militia - armed by the state with regulation arms and uniforms but not as well trained as even raw volunteer regiments - can be mustered for a few weeks to a few months

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