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Steam Link

Tue Jul 12, 2016 10:29 pm

Hello everyone!

Before anything else, let me thank the devs for so many quality games. I started with Birth of America (amazing little game, that one) soon became addicted, and now own three other titles, ACW2 among them. Great job, and keep them coming!

Now, to my technical issue, which I suppose is rather rare.

I own Steam Link, essentially Valve's glorified version of Chromecast, which streams Steam games from your computer to the TV. I find it extremely useful, as I can play my games in the living room without having to hide away in the office like a hermit for hours on end.

As it happens, it's not very friendly to strategy games (I must be the only one trying to run stuff like War in the East on it) and ACW2 is no exception: when I try to launch it via Steam Link, it says it found no "compatible Direct3D device" and quits to desktop.

Now, I suspect this must be because of the mirroring, since it runs just fine on that same computer without Steam Link streaming to the telly, and I suppose there is no chance in heaven or hell that it will get patched, as I suppose the niche market for using ACW2 via Steam Link is basically one person (me), but I would love it if anyone knew a workaround or filthy hack to make it work.

Thanks in advance! :)

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Wed Jul 13, 2016 1:38 pm

Ok, I found a workaround myself. I'll post it in case it's useful for the devs or other users, as it might be the reason for other "No compatible Direct3D device" problems popping up even without Steam Link.

Turns out, if you launch the game executable directly from its Steam folder, rather than running the launcher menu from the Steam library, it works just fine.

What is even weirder is that you can then open the launcher menu AFTER opening the game, and both coexist perfectly: Steam logs hours as normal, and you can play.

Another strange thing: Wars of Napoleon did not trigger the Direct3D error when launched via Steam Link, but mouse clicking did not work (it did on the host machine, but not on the TV). Launching the game executable directly also fixes the problem.

I hope this solution will help either other Steam Link users, or people without Steam Link but with the Direct3D error.


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