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Does anyone know how to edit Civil War 2 Saved/ Scenanio files ??

Tue Jul 04, 2017 5:24 am

Can anyone help me with this all of my attempts have failed so far to edit the files.
trying to edit Money, Manpower, War Supplies trying to give CSA Athena a head start establishing a strong front before 62/63

trying to edit April 1861 Campaign so the CSA starts with more options

I found this for AACW is it possible to do this to do this for Civil War 2
Author has not been active since 2010 and the instructions are not included, only a picture the area to be edited but not what to edit.

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Re: Does anyone know how to edit Civil War 2 Saved/ Scenanio files ??

Fri Jul 07, 2017 3:07 pm

Add this to "csa events.sct" (of course, edit the number of supplies and conscripts to what you want)

Code: Select all

SelectFaction = CSA

StartEvent = evt_nam_CSA_CWDB_VA_Apr61|1|1|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL

  MinDate = 1861/04/16
  MaxDate = 1861/06/30

SelectRegion = $Florence_VA
  PickFromRegList = NotEnemy;NotAdj;AllowBlocked

SelectFaction = CSA
ChangeWSUPool = 100
ChangeConscriptPool = 100
ChangeMoneyPool = 175

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