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As CSA Should I Build 1 set of IW's or 2 and When

Thu Jun 14, 2018 7:14 pm

I did a search and read many posts on CSA building iron works. I'm wondering what the best strategy is when playing against the AI vs. a PBEM game. From my search it appears that when playing against the AI you should only build 1 set of IW's in 1861 as you capture more than enough rifles for your needs.

But if playing against a human you really need two sets of IW's, one in 1861 and 1862 otherwise you won't have the resources to stay in the fight for long.

Is the above correct? Generally it takes two turns to get the WS needed to even start building the first set. Money isn't the problem it's WS. And that means the WS can't be used for rail upgrades or units. So what confuses me is a human will attack at more places than the AI will. So that means you need even more troops but the suggested strategy is to build two sets. Doesn't that mean a 1862 attempt at DC is out of the question?

So once again I'm asking for advice. BTW I did read the thread about destroying your "unnecessary" rail lines to get some WS faster. It's an interesting read but not sure if there was a consensus yes or not.

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Re: As CSA Should I Build 1 set of IW's or 2 and When

Thu Jun 14, 2018 7:22 pm

In my limited CSA experience, (PMEM) building 2 IW decisions solves your WS problem. In fact, it may be overkill. When things start to get tight for me, I tend to lack money, conscripts, and WS in that order. Plus it seems like the CSA does not benefit from the from the same dynamic of converting 50 WS to $ if your stockpile, so you can wind up with a large stockpile of WS and no money to spend it on.

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Re: As CSA Should I Build 1 set of IW's or 2 and When

Thu Jun 14, 2018 8:51 pm

Combat elements tear up 5 RR tracks per turn (5x1.6=8 WS) for 10 turns. You raise taxes or sell bonds and build the first set of IW. Once it produces 75 WS, you build the next set of IW. Then you build WS and fix all of the RR track for a win win.

I'll give it a yes.
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