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Siege Combat from the AGEod Wiki

Thu Nov 02, 2017 8:00 pm

Source: Manual:Siege combat

    NOTE: if the AGEWiki is not working when you access one of its pages, click on the "view source" tab at the top of the article to view its unformulated text.

== Overview ==

A Siege occurs when a stack(s) defends inside a pre-war fort, a fort built during the game, a city, a depot or an indian village, while one or more unopposed enemy stacks are standing (not currently moving at the start of turn execution and without movement orders) in the same region.

To resolve a siege a die roll (dr) is generated for each side. Each dr is generated using a die having a number of sides equal to the setting of "sieOutcomeDiceRollSides" in "GameLogic.opt" file (12 as of patch level 1.04) Sieges and breaches. Various bonuses listed below are added to these dr's to obtain each sides mrd (modified die roll).:

Besieging side:

* Artillery combat factors using the offensive values of each battery.
* Leader with the "siege engineer" special ability
* Breach achieved (see below)
* Defender lacks general supply

Besieged side:

* Artillery combat factors using the defensive values of each battery.
* Leader with the "Engineer" or "fort defender" special ability
* Fort level: Pre-war forts are considered level 1 forts while level 5+ trenches are level 2 forts

The SRV (Siege Roll Value) is then obtained by subtracting the besieged side's (defender) mdr from the besieging side's (attacker) mdr. The results of the SRV are listed below and are cumulative:
; SRV > defending units' average discipline:
Defender surrenders and all defending units are eliminated. Exception: if ALL defending units have received supplies during the supply distribution phase of that turn there is a 90% chance of the defending force not surrendering. The defending force having a supply wagon may help with this, but it is not necessary. A dr100 (die roll on a 100 sided die) is made. If the dr is <= the "sieWagonDepotProtectChance" Sieges and breaches value found in GameLogic.opt, (90 as of patch level 1.04) the surrender results is ignored. Source: Current (1.05 RC4) Siege Rules.
; SRV >= 3:
A Breach is made. The siege icon Image:Siege no breach.png will change to indicate a Breach is in progress or has been achieved Image:Siege breach.png. Cities and pre-war forts are breached after a single breach result while permanent fortifications require two breach results to be fully breached.
; SRV > 0:
5 hits are inflicted on the defenders for each point of SRV.
; SRV < 0:
The defender has managed to repair a breach.

Besieged units may only recover hits if their location contains a non-blockaded harbor.

== Storming a structure ==

A force in assault posture will try to storm the structure instead of besieging it. The procedure is the same as in regular combat except that the defender benefits from a combat bonus. Permanent forts provide a great bonus, pre-war forts less so and cities even less. Frontage is quite limited in such combat, especially in forts. Defenders in a depot or indian village don’t get any defensive benefit except limited frontage.

''Note: It is usually advised to defend outside in the surrounding terrain rather in a depot or indian village. The same is true to some extent for cities.''

{{The Manual}}

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