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Oddity with the "Britain and France refuse to recognize the Confederacy" event.

Mon Nov 30, 2015 11:58 am

Well the simple oddity is, there is no counterpart event. Britain and France will refuse to recognize the Confederacy no matter how high the foreign intervention is from what I can tell and there isn't a victory in the world that can alter that. This seems rather strange as most events regarding foreign intervention (e.g. The Blockade, The Embargo, the Trent Affair, some foreign built warships, etc.) can go in the favor of either side depending on random chance or foreign intervention levels. Its actually a very simple event, and it would be quick to code in a new event and some restrictions on firing for both. The only reason I don't is I am currently involved in a Confederate PBEM I am actually winning and it would look rather poor to effectively alter the game in my favor at such a point, so I'm proposing it for discussion here both on the principle of the proposed change and the details of implementation like required FI levels for each event.
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Mon Dec 07, 2015 2:52 am

It seems to me that recognition by Britain and/or France would have been more likely than military intervention. From what I've read, Britain and the US did not want to go to war, regardless of the saber-rattling surrounding the Trent affair. The majority of the British public did not support slavery and would have probably rejected their military being used to prop up a nation fighting to protect slavery. If the French intervention in Mexico had gone more favorably for the French, they might have come into conflict with the US over that. But given the time period, I don't see France going where Britain doesn't.

Upon looking I can't find the string you have quoted. Does it appear in the game by another name? If you're referring to the rejection of cotton bribes in exchange for recognition, that's this event.

Code: Select all

SelectFaction = CSA
SelectRegion = $Richmond_VA
StartEvent = evt_nam_CSA_FranceReject1862|1|2|evt_txt_CSA_FranceReject1862|Event-img_CSA_FranceReject1862|$Richmond_VA|120

  MinDate = 1862/07/16
  MaxDate = 1863/01/01

  DescEvent = evt_desc_CSA_FranceReject1862
  ChangeForeignEntry = -5


Since there's no dice roll, France will always decline. When playing around with foreign intervention in the past, I changed that to a DICE roll and added a corresponding event (also with DICE), which adds to the foreign intervention value and negatively affected the faction relationship between the US and France.

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