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noob thoughts

Thu Feb 26, 2015 2:15 am

I have had CW I for years and seldom played it as I could not figure it out and was given CW II by my wife last year as a gift and
could not figure that out either (Tho I have gamed since the early 60s in boardgames). I finally put myself down in my chair and
spent several days til the light dawned and I am now happily playing this superb game! I guess I am a quartermaster at heart and
love the detail. Confederates are like fireants, every time you slap one another bites you...

Oh how i love my gunboats.....

Some thoughts from a gamer of 50 years tho.

need to be able to 'scroll' thru officers without units (unseen Gen Black soon becomes forgotten Gen Black )

need to be able to 'scroll' thru units without stacks (that brigade sitting for months in Michagan you forgot you built...)

'collection points' to order new units to move towards when they are complete (via rail or foot) that you detirmine at the
time of their building but can change incase the collection point is overrun. As the Union player I often send units built
in certain areas to Springfield or Cincinnati or Baltimore.

You can acess the main screen from the map page but should be able to access the manual from the main page as well
rather than have to save/get off/read the manual/get back on. Would make acess to the manual much easier and faster.
I know folks more computer savvy know how to do this but some of us old folks need help.

Better description of units and what they do. Flatboats are an example. What are they for (poorman's gunboat?) and why
are they crossing the Gulf of Mexico? Those pushpoles must have extraordinary extensions. Many discriptions are hazy
or don't show for choices or units or don't explain enough.

Better description of blockades. What do the stances do? Does aggressive use more supply and deplete morale faster?
Basic defensive never seems to catch anything.

More explanation of fortifications and how to build the more extensive ones such as Vicksburg or the forts around Washington.

Overall tho I am delighted I finally buckled down and learned how the system works (command chain is everything). Kudos
for Ageod for this type of game. Now i have to find my Napoleonic Ageod game disc again..

PS...again I just love them gunboats!!! :cool:

PPS: I forgot to add the ability to name saves. It would make it incredibly easier to pick out a good save to continue playing
by being able to name them as they are saved, ie: good game, sucks, real tough...

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Thu Feb 26, 2015 3:30 am

A couple of quick thoughts - As a long time board gamer, I too have really been taken by this game. I had a very high learning curve, but forum members helped me figure out how to work the complexities I could not figure out on my own.

Look at the hot keys menu in the manual. It will provide some of the features you seek. For example, if you use the E and R keys you scroll through every active land unit, leaders included. Using the T and Y keys you scroll the naval units.

Wait on your Napoleonic game. A new one is in the works which will have features similar to CW2.

Collection points are a good idea.

You can rename any game in the Load Menu. click on the icon in the upper right and you will see this feature.

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Thu Feb 26, 2015 10:05 am

> should be able to access the manual from the main page as well
rather than have to save/get off/read the manual/get back on.

When you open the manual in a pdf reader, you can switch between the running game and the manual with alt-tab without problem.

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