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Forces chasing shattered defeated units into undiscovered territories

Wed May 04, 2016 11:33 pm

As Sardinia-Piedmont I guess I was snoozing at the wheel in allowing France to gain control of Tripolitania while I was in complete control of Tunisia, Gabes, and Gafsa- so I suppose I could have waltzed in and taken the locations from the rebels too. But alas, not the case. So I decide to take the rebel controlled territories Ottoman territories lining the coast from Tripolitania to Egypt, commencing with a landing at Misurata.

- completely defeat the units there; capture a Supply Wagon;
- Gain complete MC control of Misurata
- then proceed to chase the remaining rebel units into Undiscovered Territory;
- to find that the units are not showing on the map;
- only way to access them is from F2- the tabular unit listing;
- to gain the unit listing on the unit bar... so at least I can see their status;
- but am unable to move into Misurata- hey, I have control of that area?
- can't move the unit into Tripolitania- hey I'm allied with France;
- only thing I can do is select and drag the unit tab to Gabes; though no unit line is displayed;
- additionally when dragging the unit only the top bar drags over, not the unit icon/pic;
- to find that they are apparently still in one of those undiscovered territories the next turn;
- and even though with 3 or 4 supply wagons (see pics) they are completely out of supply within one turn (15 days... hmmmm)
- and cohesion is now trashed;
- it appears that this Army/Corps is now lost;
- but the Fleet they came in on is still there in the Bay.

So, I reload the turn and change the offensive settings to a less aggressive stance with same result!

So, I reload the turn and change the offensive setting to a defensive posture, and still smash the defending units handily:

- and this time I capture an Artillery unit- Yay;
- but the Artillery unit ends up hidden in one undiscovered territory (accessible only through F2);
- while the main unit with Leader ends up in another undiscovered territory;
- with only Gabes as only recourse to ostensibly get out of there;
- but in one turn the units are losing integrity extremely rapidly;
- when units are selected to move to Gabes- no number of days is displayed, nor does the terminus symbol for destination province display;
- so short of just running turns to see if they ever get out of there- which they don't do in 2 turns, it appears these units are lost.

So I sent the Corps this time to Abu Dabi with successful results and no vaporization into Undiscovered territories.

Bottomline- this is absurd. I can understand that there is technically no reason to prevent them from moving into these territories (which you can't do during normal turn movement); but there should be a viable mechanism to prevent them from becoming lost- frankly if the Leader can get them to march into the abyss, he most assuredly can turn his units around and load them back onto the ships if need be. I know there was something done in regards to retreats and chase/advances into non Military Controlled provinces in ACW2, that prevented or mitigated this strange behavior.

In the pics I hopefully was able to show who controlled Misurata (not shown actually).


Shows the battle result- same for all three tries/iterations.


Province of Sabha- end result for Sonnaz all 3 times; though the Captured Artillery unit ended up in a province whose name escapes me.


The undiscovered area that the units are in... they are in there somewhere.
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Thu May 12, 2016 11:41 pm

As a follow-up: by accessing the units via F2 you are able to re-direct units back to friendly territory; smaller the unit the better chances of making it back in a timely fashion. The 8 unit stack led by Sonnaz had not returned in 2 turns, I didn't wait a 3rd turn- thinking that were toast, so I reloaded. But in fact, they would have come back, but most like due to weather and road/track levels given the regions, it could be 3 or 4 turns. I've confirmed up to 2 turns so far.

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Fri May 13, 2016 12:27 pm

aye this fits an example I had.

I inherited an army when I created a colony but it was in an unexplored region. I was able to use F2 to bring it back.

The other fix is to write a script to reveal the province in question - bit gamey but not exactly game breaking
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