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Control of provinces within a grand theater

Tue Mar 04, 2014 7:51 pm

The manual states that when you control a majority of provincial capitals within a grand theater, you will receive
VP's by event. I have noticed that you will receive VP's by events but only when you control all provincial capitals within a grand theater, rather than a majority. If the intent is VPs for control of a majority of provincial capitals, it isn't working correctly.

Also I kind of wonder why you only receive 2 VPs per control of a grand region per year (maybe twice per year?) within the 4 Emperors Scenario. Conquering an entire grand theater often requires a major military effort taking quite some time. To receive only 2-4 VPs a year in reward for such a major, and possibly risky, effort seems a little low. I can easily buy 5 VPs for 2 EPs from the decisions section without any military effort or risk at all. I assume there is a good rational behind the number of VPs but it just feels like the VP's for conquering a grand theater is really small when you consider you can buy VPs so easily from the decisions section.

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