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Errors after installing AJE and BOR 1.03c patches

Sat Feb 22, 2014 5:19 pm

I recently purchased both AJE and BOR from Slitherine, receiving versions 1.00 and 1.02 respectively, which I successfully installed.

On 7 February 2014, I downloaded both AJE and BOR 1.03c update patches from ftp.matrixgames.com using the links in Franciscus’ 26 December 2013 sticky thread in the main AJE forum “AJE and BOR 1.03c official patches available !”, on the understanding these were all-inclusive patches and would be sufficient to fully patch both AJE and BOR to versions 1.03c. Following installation of these two patches, both games are now showing as version 1.03c.

However, following installation of these 1.03c update patches, I have noticed some changes in both AJE and BOR to the ledger, currency and messages that seem incorrect and inconsistent with the Roman flavour of AJE and BOR.

On the main screen, tooltips for the ledger are now showing: F1 Government (previously Forces), F2 List of Forces (previously Production), F3 War Ministry (previously Imperator), F4 Ministry of Industry and Commerce (previously SPQR), F5 Strategic Map (previously Diplomacy), F6 Regional Census (previously Map), F7 Academy of Sciences (previously Objectives) and F8 Ministry of Colonial Affairs (previously Background).

Titles on individual ledger pages are now showing: F1 List of Forces (previously Exercitus), F2 War Ministry (previously Dilectus), F3 Ministry of War (previously Imperator), F4 Laws & Decrees (previously SPQR), F5 Ministry of Foreign Affairs (previously Varius), F6 Strategic Map (previously Imperium), F7 Scores & Objectives (previously Consilium) and F8 Scenario Background (previously Scaena). Wording on tabs at the bottom of the ledger have also changed and are incorrect for the pages they are linked to.

In listings of assets, money is now referred to as thousand dollars (previously thousand denarii).

I am also now seeing some messages in the message log where the wording does not seem correct for the Roman nature of AJE and BOR, such as “The upkeep of units in the field has used 10 state money, 0 manufactured goods, x conscripts and x officers” and “Thanks to our victory, we captured 2 hundreds rifles from the enemy”. I know the Romans had an advanced military for their time, but rifles … !

It looks to me as if either one or more files for another Ageod game have been incorrectly included in the AJE and BOR 1.03c update patches or alternatively there have been changes to the overall Ageod game engine which have not then been correctly “tweaked” to match the specific Roman nature of AJE and BOR.

I have no idea if these “errors” have any impact on actual gameplay, but there certainly seems to be a loss of Roman flavour and I am a bit surprised no one else has reported these “errors”!

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Sat Feb 22, 2014 8:22 pm

Hi, Rab

I have just (re)tested with a clean install of the AJE patch 1.03c available here (ftp://ftp.matrixgames.com/pub/AleaJactaEst/AleaJactaEst-Update-v103c.zip) over a fresh install of AJE 1.00

All is good on my installation(tooltips, ledger titles, assets names, etc.)

I can only presume that your download and/or installation got corrupted somehow.

Please, redownload the patches and reinstall, making sure your antivirus software is not preventing the installation.


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Sun Feb 23, 2014 10:57 am

Hi Franciscus,

I tried a slightly different reinstallation approach.

I uninstalled my existing 1.03c versions of AJE and BOR, manually deleting the few remaining files and folders that were not removed by the uninstall programs.

I then reinstalled AJE 1.00 and BOR 1.02 using the original purchased downloads. Following this, ledger tooltips, page titles and currency were all correct.

I then used the “Check For Update” options on the Desktop icons (i.e. without loading the game program files themselves) to “connect to a TrueUpdate server”. This downloaded the 1.03c patches, which I installed. I then rebooted my laptop.

I then started AJE and BOR. Both showed version 1.03c and had exactly the same errors in ledger tooltips, page titles, currency and messages that I originally reported, so I still have the same “errors”.

I had my ZoneAlarm antivirus and firewall switched off throughout the entire installation process.

One thing I should have mentioned before and may be relevant is that all my installations are in English.

I am playing the games on a 7 years old Windows XP laptop, but it does exceed the minimum required specifications, so I would be surprised if this was causing the problems, particularly as these “errors” are not there after installing the base AJE 1.00 and BOR 1.02 versions and only appear after applying the 1.03c patches.



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Sun Feb 23, 2014 11:09 am

It sounds like the patch downloads are corrupted. I would suggest uninstalling every thing again, then remove all folders left over. Then delete the patches that you have already downloaded.
Then manually download each patch from the link in the post by Franciscus.
And then try installing again. :)
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