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BOR patch 1.03 Release Candidate (OUTDATED, CLOSED)

Thu Oct 03, 2013 12:42 am

Hi all

Below the link for a public beta patch 1.03 for BOR, that hopefully, unless major bugs are found, will soon be released as official.

[color="#FFA500"]Specially relevant, the crash that occured with latest 1.03 public beta, posted a few days ago, is solved.[/color]

You can apply this patch over any previous version (including the previous beta patch), as it is all inclusive.


This patch comes as part of the work leading to the imminent release of Parthian Wars expansion, and prepares Alea Jacta Est / Birth of Rome for it, although some of the improvements and fixes of this patch will affect BOR directly.

As usually, we hope that this beta patch does not cause major problems (although this patch may not be compatible with saved games started with previous official versions), but if you do not wish to help in trying a beta patch, you better wait for the official release of patch 1.03.


The link:

> BOR patch 1.03 RC2:

The changelog:

Patch 1.03


- Reduce tendency of "wild" cavalry raids
- AI cavalry forces less prone to stay in a siege
- Fix to a bug in development level in regions
- Added functionality, SHIFT now shows the region links of the region below the cursor (if no Stack is selected).
- Additional stacks in same region now get the name of their leader in the region tooltip (the 'Also there' lines)
- Movement path is now color coded

and a lot more small fixes


- New faction icons in Unit recruitment mode (thanks, Picaron !)
- Small tweak to assets icons in main screen (EP now are represented by the bolt)


All scenarios
- Removed cavalry element from "post-Marius" legions (does not affect BOR scenarios)
- Changed VP values of Roman cohorts (from 10 to 3) and legatus (from 10 to 20)
- Light Infantry, Skirmisher and Raider models hide value lowered to 2
- Changed Cav detect value to 4 for most models (5 for the expert scout nations)

First Punic War 264 BC scenario:
- An additionnal alae legion is possible to recrute for Rome and the Boii are stronger with a noble unit at start.

Parthian Wars expansion:
- Data (events, options, etc) for all scenarios
(NOTE: to play Parthian Wars expansion you have to own Alea Jacta Est)

Due to database changes patch 1.03 will not be, in principle, guaranteed compatible with saved games
Also, some changes will not be applied yet to the "old" DLC scenarios (Spartacus and Cantabrian Wars), like the removal of cavalry from legions



- If you have an ongoing game in 1.02b and wish to continue it, we recommend that you do not apply patch 1.03.
- The Parthian Wars expansion will require Alea Jacta Est installed on your computer, patched to AJE 1.03, to function correctly. It is not intended for players that own only BOR.
BOR owners that also have AJE will have to apply both 1.03 patches and will still be able to play all the Parthian scenarios (if they buy the PAR expansion, of course :) ) via their BOR game, like it is now already possible for AJR scenarios.[/color]

Thanks for your support and patience!


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