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Nasty bug with siege

Thu May 09, 2013 12:34 pm

I was playing the Pyrrhic wars as Pyrrhus and managed to siege Rome for quite a long time.

As you know, in BOR, if you are not Rome, most of the time the only solution to take cities is to siege them out, which I did.

Unfortunately, it seems in some case you can never win that way. While you can strave out all the infantry and the cohorts, I could not starve out the Praefectus Alae (last element of the enemy Alae) because it needs no supply but, unlike leaders, they don't "surrender" when they are the last elements in a garrison.

Worst, when there is only a Praefectus Alae left, the game kicks auto-garrison the next turn, so it is a long, long cycle.

Is this WAD ?

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Thu May 09, 2013 12:50 pm

Send your saves to Pocus for examination of the issue..may be it's related to an older bug... Something we must really do is to improve some of the siege RGD's....this said, the Greeks beiseged Troy for 10 years and only got in by why should this be different vs Rome ;)

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