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Caesar Vs Pompey

Sat Mar 23, 2019 4:17 pm

I swear the game or the Pompeyan troops can / do pillage the provinces in North Africa so they can thwart every one of my Roman reforms, Pax Romana or Roman Energyism. My force in the province is fully supplied and has 3 impedimanta at 100%

This looting/pillaging action also continues to allow them to hide with the hide=5 vs my detect = 4. Very frustrating.

I also think the Roman should benefit from bringing more separate forces with cavalry into the province.

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Re: Caesar Vs Pompey Frustration at Pillaged

Sun Mar 24, 2019 1:28 pm

Further comments, request for help. Most of my comments were blurted out because of frustration. I probably don't understand the mechanics or powers of the AI.

I was trying to pacify/convert North Africa to Caesar. I think I understand pillage as a result of an army's lack of supply so I (small force, 400% supplied, 3 100% impedimentas) went into a province containing a small Pompey army that was hidden from me. My thought was to get the popular support for Caesar up to 51%. I wait for the province to un-pillage and then try Roman Reforms, Pax Romana and Roman Evergitism. I never get to the 6 or 9 turns before the province becomes pillaged again. His small force and my fully supplied army should not trigger the pillage, so is it some action of his that is doing it? His force doesn't seem to shrink because of supply when the area is pillaged.

Is it a bug to see pillage disappear then reappear?

I really wish there was a 'Decision' that repaired the province.

Also what happened to the 'traitor' decision which i haven't seen since the early game.

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Re: Caesar Vs Pompey

Tue Mar 26, 2019 1:57 am

Your cavalry will be able to provide some intelligence, just keep working with it.
I do not play against AI, but you can tone it down a bit if that helps. AI is going to move for key victory locations with all its force.
You have thought of a great solution. You now just need a force/army equal to his.
It is not a bug. This is a relatively short duration option.
You have some tools to repair, those which help rebuild. So not a specific decision, but a lot of helpful decisions.

Traitor only appears once. Many cards can only be played once, then they are no longer available. Really powerful cards like traitor fit into this category. Others are limited, but renew after time.

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