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Game demo, Guides, Tutorials, Maps, Manuals, Previews and other goodies

Thu Oct 17, 2013 5:58 pm

Hi all.

Herewith collected the links to all the threads related to assorted guides, tutorials, etc, for the most part contributed by our esteemed comunity:

[color="#FF8C00"]AJE Demo[/color]:!

[color="#FF8C00"]Youtube Tutorials[/color] by charlesonmission:

[color="#FF8C00"]Guides[/color] by Narwhal:***-Guide-How-frontage-works-******-Guide-Combat-Fire-phase-******-Guide-Combat-Melee-Phase-******-Guide-Combat-Targetting-***

[color="#FF8C00"]Strategic maps[/color] by Emx77:

Game manuals[/color]:

[color="#FF8C00"]Parthian Wars preview and AARs[/color]:

[color="#FF8C00"]Hannibal preview and AAR[/color] by Haplo_Patryn:

[color="#FF8C00"]Hannibal GamePlay videos[/color] by Haplo_Patryn:

Many thanks to all that contributed ! :coeurs:


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