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Strategy with Romans in Great Mithridatic War

Mon Apr 15, 2013 6:24 am

I keep getting slaughtered in this scenario, I am kinda new to AJE but I have a good idea of AGEOD games so I can put together a strategy. I guess I am really still used to AACW.

Way back when I was a kid I read this historical novel written from the point of view of Pharnaces II of Pontus his bastard son who succeeded him and tried to reclaim Pontus, and his defeat by Julius Caesar in their single battle that ended the attempted reclamation gave us the line Veni Vidi Vici. Really great book, good damn book well worth reading. It's called the Last King Rome's Greatest Enemy.

So when I saw this scenario I wanted to play it immediately lol.

Anyway Hispania is just a complete and utter disaster its a major struggle to keep the smaller two forces from getting smashed into pancakes by Sertorius' main army, bc I try to link them up with Pompey. But Pompey as I have him steadily advance south all these partisans appear out of nowhere and start taking back all the cities he just conquered which grinds my campaign to a halt.

Not to mention that in Pontus its a complete raging calamity bc of Mithridates' hordes of greeks.

Truthfully I haven't beat one of the real long campaigns in an Ageod game since back in 2007 when AACW first came out and Athena was even worse than I was at that point.

I would like to know what I am doing wrong here. I am sure....a lot. But what exactly?

I really do not see any way to win this scenario as the Romans which is a shame because I really wanted to stick it to Pontus. I think its really Sertorius that is killing me.

Also my plan was to raise 4 or 5 legions for lucullus and send him wherever it was worst.

What events should I be using? Im not familiar with the event system in this game and the best way to work it.

Thanks in advance guys,

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Mon Apr 15, 2013 5:35 pm

The AI struggles as Rome when the human plays as Sertorious. Loading up Lucullus with legions is a good idea. You do need to be aware that both pirates and Spartacus (yes that Spartacus) will show up and make your life hard. But it will also bring in Crassus and his army. Perhaps more forces too, I don't know as I don't play as Rome in this scenario much. Pontus shouldn't be too much of a threat though; in real life Lucullus destroyed them fairly easily then fought fairly successfully against Armenia before losing his command to Pompey (outside of the scope of this campaign) who finished off Pontus. I don't believe (based on history) that you actually have to conquer all of Pontus to win the scenario you just have to prevent them from taking your land and take some of theres. Sertorious is very dangerous and you should remember that in real life it took awhile for Pompey and Metellus to beat him. Depending on who you ask they may not have beat him if he hadn't been assassinated or, they had started to turn the tide of war against him towards the end. In real life Pompey did get reinforcements. You may also wish to consider trying fabian tatics and trying to take cities from Sertorious as you have legions and many of his cities are level 1 forts. if you can take major supply centers from him the AI will either have to break up the army or starve; either way you benifit. Legions are you best friend against everyone; Spartacus and Mithridates have none, and Sertorious has four. Remember in general (RE: Be careful doing this agaisnt Sertorious) legions beat non legions unless horribly outnumbered or out generaled. Final note, when Spartacus happens just make sure Rome doesn't fall. You will eventually get Crassus if the war doesn't go well just MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT DO WHAT THE AI DOES AND LET SPARTACUS TAKE ROME. Crassus should be enough just do not redeploy him until his army has removed the slave revolt.

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Mon Apr 15, 2013 10:49 pm

But Pompey as I have him steadily advance south all these partisans appear out of nowhere and start taking back all the cities he just conquered which grinds my campaign to a halt.

I think the trick here is to only care about your supply sources; don't worry about taking or losing level 1 fort cities. Then two pieces of advice: try to force Sertorius to attack entrenched legions, and seek to wipe out his troops. Legions are the one thing he can't replace, so target split up legions ruthlessly (even at the expense of losing elements). I just played this scenario and didn't have as much trouble, but I think I was lucky because Athena was quite aggressive; I trapped a large army sieging Gades after it ran low on supply and caught Sertorius inside a level 1 fort after an indecisive battle (and he couldn't escape, as despite 'defeating' my entrenched legions a number of teams he always retreated back inside the fort in the battle phase).

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