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Wed Jan 30, 2013 2:25 am

Altaris wrote:I guess my thoughts on the Tsarist officers was that they would be represented by the generic 1-0-0 leaders we discussed, basically not adding anything except how to organize the army into combined units. As you pointed out, this is the reason why the Reds get slaughtered so badly, their non-combined units get butchered by the Whites combined ones. A combined units commanded by a 1-0-0 leader is still going to be somewhat crappy, but at least it has the ability to absorb some of the blows so that we don't have situations like what we saw occurring in our game of the Whites not losing a single element, but the reds losing several divisions worth (this imbalance of destroyed units is what causes those massive morale losses, btw).

Ok, let's try creating Red commander model with such a rating and see how it goes.

And not always does only the loss of elements entail a NM loss: look at our recent battle of Voronezh, where I believe I destroyed only one or two regiments yet earned 6 NM.
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Thu Jan 31, 2013 4:19 am

I am currently working on the mod, have finished dealing with models, units and resources in the beginning of the Kolchak Coup. I have revised my ideas to create the following:

1. Regular infantry regiments are revised to allow 4 line infantry regiments to be combined in one along with 2 ligth infantry units(these are reserved for machine guns).
2. All howitzers and heavy artillery becomes incapable of causing damage in the assault phase of battle. Same applies to armored platforms carrying heavy artillery. But at the same time, heavy artillery has a small increase in ranged damage.
3. Siberians now start with money that will probably last to the end of the war, but low morale. Maybe I will decrease the number of the conscription special operation the Siberians have.
4. Red propaganda campaign has both the input and effect multiplied by 5.
5. Marching to the Sound of guns is modified to make it always successful.

I will test the current setup against the computer, maybe tomorrow I will post the first version of the mod.

I am looking for people that would help test this mod in a Kolchak Coup campaign based PBEM.
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General Overview

Fri Feb 01, 2013 5:17 pm

Orel Mod for Revolution Under Siege game(version 1.06a, no quickfixes)

Other mods included in the pack

Special thanks goes out to Hahaetz, Barbu and Kowal(from who have made mods of their own which I included in mine.
Hahaetz’s and Barbu’s mod: They give the Siberians the historical white & green flag without the Red cross.
Kowal’s mod: Kowal made graphic images for armored cars, tanks and infantry.

General Information: The mod’s objective is to improve the balance for the game, add a few features that are not currently present and make a few changes to those features that already exist to make them play a greater role.

Major changes divide in the following subcategories: units and factions changes.

Also Marching to the Sound of Guns now always becomes successful.

New Units

Machine Guns:

Machine guns were not yet individually present in the game despite their importance in the RCW. In the mod, these are very inaccurate but fast-firing and low cost units. They inflict little damage on the strength of units, however they reduce greatly the cohesion. They are divided in three types: Machine Gun, Light Machine and Tachanka(the last is already present in the game but now it will receive a new role).

Machine gun: this unit represents the Maxim, Colt and other heavy machine guns employed by all sides. It will have a low offensive value, a moderate defensive value but it will have a high rate of fire. It will inflict little losses in strength points, but its' hits will be very damaging to cohesion. The chips used for replacements are light infantry chips. It will be possible to capture machine guns.

Light Machine gun: It represents mostly the Lewis machine gun, it is like the heavy machine gun but it has a higher offensive fire rating but as a result a lower defensive fire rating, making it equally accurate in attack and defense. It will cost a bit more than the regular machine gun, in terms of damage it inflicts it will be the same as the regular machine gun.

this unit is already in the game, but in the mod it becomes a member of the machine gun family specializing in attacking. It has a moderately low offensive fire value and a very low defensive fire value, high initiative and high speed coefficient. In terms of the damage it inflicts, it becomes the same as the other machine guns and it keeps its’ ability “fire support”.

Armored Locomotives and Armored Platforms:

These will be the model of the armored trains of all sides that were employed in the civil war. Armored trains now become “artillery on rails” that can be included in infantry divisions. Armored trains are more powerful than regular field artillery, having higher offensive and defensive fire ratings as well as they inflict greater damage and have armor. But, they also are tied to rails, and cost more in terms of War supplies.

Armored Locomotive:
this unit is the carrier of the name for the armored train. By itself, it is useless but to it you can add the armored platforms to make an armored train. It divides into two subtypes; light armored train and heavy armored train which are the same in everything except which platforms can be added to the armored locomotive.

Armored Platform(armed with 7.62mm machine guns) : This armored platform imitates the machine guns being put in an armored wagon. It has higher overall offensive and defensive fire ratings and inflicts the same damage on cohesion and strength of units as the machine guns.
Armored Platform(76.2mm field cannon): This armored platform imitates the 75mm field cannon positioned in an armored platform. It has higher offensive and defensive fire than its’ field vis-à-vis and inflicts the same amount of damage.

Armored Platform(107mm field cannon): This armored platform imitates the 105mm field cannon positioned in an armored platform. It has higher offensive and defensive fire than its’ field vis-à-vis and inflicts the same amount of damage.

Armored Platform(120mm naval Canet cannon): This armored platform imitates the 120mm naval Canet cannon positioned in an armored platform. It has high offensive and defensive fire rating, exceeding the values of the 105mm howitzer.

Armored Platform(152mm naval Canet cannon): This armored platform imitates the 152mm naval Canet cannon positioned in an armored platform. It has high offensive and defensive fire rating, exceeding the values of the 150mm heavy artillery.

Reforms in Units for all sides
Regiment reforms: From some time ago, regiments have become useless as in one of the versions brigades were introduced. This made most units with which the campaign was started less effective. To make regiments wanted again, they go through a number of changes. This part of the mod may not be yet fully finished.

Line infantry Regiments: Infantry regiments can now include up to four line infantry elements and two light infantry elements(the latter being reserved for machine guns). Brigades stay available too though.

Elite infantry regiments: these now can include up to 2 elite infantry regiments. This though does not apply to Southern Whites’ colorful regiments(Kornilov, Markov, Drozdovsky and Alexeiev) and Siberian Assault and Eger brigades.

Cavalry regiments: these now can add 3-4 other cavalry elements in its unit.

Heavy and field artillery: becomes incapable of participating in the assault phase of battle(this applies to armored trains having such cannons as well).

Field Artillery: 105mm howitzers and 105mm field cannons can now add a light artillery battery in their unit.

Heavy Artillery: 150mm howitzers can now add 2 field artillery and 4 light artillery units in its unit.

Individual Faction Changes

Overall: White regular infantry regiments are now of higher quality than Red regular infantry regiments, with greater offensive, defensive and assault values. White elite infantry too becomes more powerful than it is now. But, Red infantry now costs half the money the white infantry costs.

Southern Whites

Kolchak coup campaign: Southern Whites start the Kolchak coup campaign now with three infantry brigades to reflect the join of the three pro-German white armies in the south to the Southern White Faction(these armies were the Southern, Astrakhan and Saratov). These will replace the regiments in the Ekaterinodar division under command of Semenov.

Southern White Colorful Regiments:
Southern Whites now can form a brigade from each of the colourful regiments consisting of 4 elite regiments(supposed to be consisting of the colourful regiments of 1 type, so for example 4 Kornilov shock regiments are in one brigade), 1 field artillery element and 1 light artillery element.

Siberian Whites

Kolchak Coup campaign:
Siberians start now with a huge amount of money to account for the capture of the Imperial Gold train. But also, Siberians get a low National Morale with which they start the campaign, so they are motivated to start an offensive to regain it. The morale the Siberians lose, the Reds gain.

Siberian new elite infantry:
Siberians now get two new types of elite infantry(Assault and Eger) and can form 3 brigades(3 elite infantry elements + 75mm light field cannon) of each type.
Conscription limitations: Siberians are limited by three conscriptions happening at once.


Kolchak coup Campaign: Reds start with a higher NM and more War supplies to account for their control of Imperial war stores.

More Special operations: Reds now get to conduct twice as many special operations as before of every type.

Propaganda Campaign: The cost and effect of the propaganda campaign is multiplied by 5.

That is all I remember right now. I will post the mod files as soon as I organize them.

Orel mod, alpha version.
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Mod files

Fri Feb 01, 2013 9:57 pm

Alpha version of the mod. Mod is attached.
Orel Mod.rar
(905.93 KiB) Downloaded 217 times
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