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Winterized Gold Neman river (with my old Sesupé river)

Wed Jan 13, 2016 4:52 am

In old RUS, the Neman name was given too to the Sesupé river.
I had made a tiny patch for old RUS, putting Sesupé name (which was not written anywhere at first) instead of this bad 2nd Neman name.
In RusGold it was corrected otherwise,
but the correction of the winter version is missing.

So here is my old tiny mod back adapted for RusGold, which add the winterized version of 2nd Neman name, added too with my Sesupé name back:

Back in Gold:
_ winter region(s) of new Neman (winter version was missing)
_ my old tiny Sesupé mod (Sesupé river name in place of old RUS misplaced Neman name)

3 files to put (overwrite) in \RUS\Graphics\Regions:
. 92Kapsukas.bmp
. Winter_92Kapsukas.bmp
. Winter_94Sejny.bmp
(234.6 KiB) Downloaded 129 times

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