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Skoropadsky and the Whites

Sat Oct 29, 2016 2:20 pm

Andatiep wrote:a country which is occupy by dozens of German divisions during the WWI could be reasonably named a German puppet state
Skoropadskyi's Ukraine was and is mostly seen as a German puppet state. And most of Russian Whites where opposed to him, as well as to Petliura, so i don't see why you say a "White" Puppet.

(I heavily edited) The Varta (the national guard of Skoropadsky) had so many russian officers as auxiliaries, I guess they were pro german not to include Ukraine in Germany (they sure prefer being in a White Russia than Germany), but as a mean to fight against reds (for them it was including those socialist petliurists). Many varta joined later Denikin, or even the reverse before that!
So, if Skoropadskyi's Ukraine was not a german White puppet, it was at least allied with many Whites, already since the beginning of the Varta.
Sure many other whites might not agree, but it was common that whites was not a monolyth movement.

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