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Saxony surrender bug

Sun Dec 15, 2013 11:45 pm

The events for Saxon capiltulation (in ROP/Events/RoP Saxony Capitulation) has this. I read it as allowing the Austrians a chance to save the Saxons if they make a real military commitment towards Pirna. But as written the key evaluation is only comparing Saxon to Saxon.

Should it not read (in order) SAX, AUS, PRU so the test is Saxon+Austrian against Prussian? I think the consequence is the only part of the chain that then works is the simple test of a Prussian seige at Pirna

SelectFaction = $AUS
SelectRegion = $Pirna

SelectFaction = $AUS
SelectRegion = $Pirna
StartEvent = evt_nam_CMN_CapitulationSaxony_Escape|1|1|NULL|NULL|$Pirna|NULL

MinDate = 1756/09/01
MaxDate = 1756/12/30
EvalEvent = evt_nam_CMN_CapitulationSaxony;=;0
SelectSubUnits = Region $Pirna;Families $famElite $famLine $famLightInf $famSkirmisher $famMilitia $famCavalry $famHvyCavalry $famLightArty $famMedArty $famHvyArty;FactionTags SAX
EvalSubUnitCount = <;75
RegInit = 1
SelectSubUnits = Area $Theater_Bohemia;Families $famElite $famLine $famLightInf $famSkirmisher $famMilitia $famCavalry $famHvyCavalry $famLightArty $famMedArty $famHvyArty;FactionTags SAX
RegInit = 2
SelectSubUnits = Area $Theater_Saxony;Families $famElite $famLine $famLightInf $famSkirmisher $famMilitia $famCavalry $famHvyCavalry $famLightArty $famMedArty $famHvyArty;FactionTags SAX
RegInit = 3
RegSum = Registry 1 2
RegEvalNum = 3;>=;75
RegDeactivate = NULL

SetEvtOccurs = evt_nam_CMN_CapitulationSaxony_Trigger;MaxOccurs;0
SetEvtOccurs = evt_nam_CMN_CapitulationSaxony_AI;MaxOccurs;0
SetEvtOccurs = evt_nam_CMN_CapitulationSaxony_Cleanup;MaxOccurs;0
SetEvtOccurs = evt_nam_CMN_CapitulationSaxony_Escape_AI_Sortie;MaxOccurs;0
SetEvtOccurs = evt_nam_CMN_CapitulationSaxony_Escape_AIInterest_reset;MaxOccurs;1

SelectFaction = $PRU
GenTextMsg = evt_nam_CMN_CapitulationSaxony_Escape;1;NULL;NULL;NULL

SelectFaction = $AUS
ChangeFacMorale = 5
AI.SetAggro = $Theater_Prussia;100
AI.SetLocalInterest = $Dippoldiswalde;100

SelectFaction = $PRU
AI.SetAggro = $Theater_Saxony;200
AI.SetLocalInterest = $Pirna;100

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