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No Ranged Damage Done for cavalry

Sun Nov 18, 2012 5:18 pm

I only recently noticed, that cavalry elements don't do any damage in ranged battle. So fire, range and rate of fire are quite useless for cav units and even bad, since shooting attempts cost cohesion.

I don't understand, why cavalry shouldn't do any damage in ranged battle when the have ranged weapons. If they can shoot, they should have the chance to do a little damage. (it would be better to reduce other values (over all: RoF) to keep damage low for historical or balance reasons).
Second: If you don't want cavalry to do damage in ranged combat, it would be better, if they'd have no range or no RoF, because like this, it uses capacities and slows down the turn resolution.

I know, there is an issue with slightly overpowered cavalry in RoP. But that's only true for heavy cav, not for Dragoons and Hussars.

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