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Turn 26 Early September 1757
From the Russian front nothing new. The Prussian army made good its escape - I think by boat. The siege didn't produce any results - but the siege specialist and guns will arrive next turn.
Around Strallsund nothing of note happened - we need to wait till next year.
At the French front everybody stayed more or less where they were - though Frederic moved east. The French build a new army - always good news, but it will be ready in 10 turns, so it will fight next year.
Picolomini engaged von Bevern in Pirna. Von Bevern and troops managed to flee across the Oder. We both lost about 1100 men. Daun arrived at Dippoldiswalde, and starts to build a depot.
The Prussians at Silesia retreated. I will advance.... My main force marches on Kossel again, some troops will try to lay siege to Katowice. I have but one siege gun - might need to buy another.
I finally hire those Swiss mercenaries - they are still around.

Turn 27, Late September 1757
Some troubling developments on the Russian front. I have a supply depot on the edge of the map (a level 2 depot, called Border Depot, it is a scenario placed one), a depot two regions to the west, and Memel, which gets independent supplies. I also have supplies in the Russian regions, Kurland and Russia. It seems the Regions only send supplies every other turn - this turn 0/0 was send from Russia to the Border Depot. The Border Depot itself now has 400 supply, and has 800 send this turn - but it received none (obviously). The depot two regions to the west didn't receive any though.... It was apparently all absorbed by the troops. Still, some of the troops are getting low on supply. The depot at Memel meanwhile is full at 1200 (received 770, send 440). I will build a depot two regions south of Memel, near the depot halfway the Border depot and Koeningsberg. I hope I can at least keep my troops in supply in eastern Prussia....
Other than this not much happened. My cavalry is on a recon mission to Kassel. Frederic went east, and is now somewhere between Erfurt and Leipzig. I remade the breach at Dresden, and Picolomini (who arrived here) is going to assault (Ducchesse is inactive again). Daun is ordered to Pirna, for support.
I buy a bunch of French depot units and a French cavalry replacement - the troops are somewhat depleted.

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